Beltway Media Slain By Satire

The Onion, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are masters of satire. This time it was The Onion’s turn at getting a massive amount of publicity for one of their articles…but wait!  Everyone knows The Onion is a satirical website, don’t they? The Huffington Post The Onion Unleashes Deadly Satirical Attack On Washington Via Twitter  Washington, D.C., was the […]

Haunting New Giffords Photo

The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet 49 Charges in Giffords Case Staffers of wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords released a never-before-seen photo on Giffords’ Facebook page today depicting her just moments before being shot in the head. The photo shows Giffords doing what “she loves to do; talk to her constituents,” her staff said. In the picture, […]

‘Birther’ disrupts House reading of Constitution

It didn’t take long for the crazies to come out of the woodwork… MSNBC – Capitol Hill WASHINGTON — House Republicans’ reading of the Constitution was interrupted Thursday by a woman who shouted “except Obama, except Obama” to the venerable document’s words on a U.S. citizen’s eligibility to be president. Boehner addresses birthers Just as Rep. Frank Pallone, […]

McCain Threatens To Call The Cops On Former Supporter

A few days ago John McCain told a 9/11 First responder that he “couldn’t help him“.  Today, McCain turned his back on a former supporter who wanted to ask him about his views on the Dream Act… Huffington Post When Gaby Pacheco met with Sen. John McCain in 2007 to plead for help stopping the […]