Tuesday Blog Round Up

High court to look at Ariz. immigration law Occupy – Seattle Protesters Hit With Stun Grenades How Rush Limbaugh Helped Hand the Election to Obama Iranian president targeted by shoe thrower How the Supreme Court is messing with Texas… and the 2012 race Obama: GOP Wanted To Take Me Down, Not Fix Country’s Problems Keith labels… More Tuesday Blog Round Up

Thursday Blog Round Up

Time for Mitt Romney to attack Newt Gingrich? The politics of TV: What Democrats and Republicans watch New Rick Perry ad has 30,000 dislikes on YouTube and counting Newt Gingrich promises to name John Bolton Secretary of State Elizabeth Warren Leading Scott Brown By Biggest Margin Yet Protesters Occupy Posh Newt Gingrich Fundraiser Newt Gingrich… More Thursday Blog Round Up

Monday Blog Round Up

Justice VIDEO: 31 Arrested At Occupy DC VIDEO: One-minute World News A look back: Newt’s most outlandish positions Iran Claims It Shot Down U.S. Spy Drone The Gingrich who stole the Republican Primary The 1% Solution in Oakland and NYC is to Erase Those Who Would Expose .. Freedom Now Requires 72-Hour Notice and a… More Monday Blog Round Up

Thursday Morning Blog Round Up

Bloomberg: ‘I have my own army in the NYPD’ Video: Gingrich attacks Obama’s background Obama: ‘Massive blow’ if GOP blocks payroll tax Kentucky Church Bans Interracial Couples  War on Christmas: Preemptive guess-the-outrage edition Foreclosure fraud whistleblower found dead GOP Sheriff Busted for Trading Drugs for Sex Where Huntsman Went Wrong  Camps Are Cleared, but ‘99 Percent’… More Thursday Morning Blog Round Up

Friday Morning Blog Round Up

White House shooting suspect is charged with trying to kill Obama Occupy Wall Street Returns To The Brooklyn Bridge  Right-Wing Media’s “Lazy” Attack On Obama Called Out  BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Reverses Brewer-Led Impeachment Newt Gingrich claims he never lobbied Congress. Oops. He lied Barney Frank: ‘I Thought The Gingrich Group Was His Wives’ Obama’s… More Friday Morning Blog Round Up

Friday Morning Round Up

I’m kind of under the weather today (an incessant cough that won’t go away) so I’ve decided to collect all of my likely posts (and then some) here. Enjoy… Senate passes parts of Obama’s jobs bill “A+”: Fox Applauds Cain’s Defense Against Sexual Harass.. Panetta: Attacking Iran Only Briefly Delays Nuclear Program  Cain campaign releases… More Friday Morning Round Up

Tuesday Blog Round Up

Herman Cain has a very bad day Occupy Wall Street roundup, Day 45  The eternal campaign to depict Michelle Obama as ‘angry‘  Calling BS on GOP ideas for job creation  From The Annals Of Chutzpah Cain’s Dumbfounding Press Conference Regarding Sexual Harassment ..  Bill O’Reilly: Here at Fox News, We Expect Facts To Back You… More Tuesday Blog Round Up

Wednesday Blog Round Up

CHARTS OF THE DAY: Where’d All The Income Growth Go? To The 1 percent!  ‘Anonymous’ vows to ‘destroy’ Fox News website on Nov. 5th MSNBC Under Pressure To Dump Buchanan When Pat Robertson thinks you’re too extreme …  Is a Breitbart contributor behind Herman Cain’s smoking ad? Birther Convicted Of Bizarre Plot To Force Obama… More Wednesday Blog Round Up

Monday Blog Round Up

Bringing Out The Crazy Perry Campaign Works to Smooth Out Flaws Herman Cain: ‘I Felt Like Moses’ (VIDEO)  Fox’s Chris Wallace Pretends Obama’s “Watch” Began In 2007  Eric Cantor: ‘Increasingly Concerned’ About Occupy Wall Street ‘Mobs’   Alan Colmes Smacks Down Hypocritical Attacks On Occupy Wall Street Protests Van Jones: OWS May Not Have Message Clarity–But… More Monday Blog Round Up