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7 worst right-wing moments of the week — Stephen Colbert is destroying America, apparently

7 worst right-wing moments of the week — Stephen Colbert is destroying America, apparently

Stephen Colbert, Bill O’Reilly (Credit: AP/Alex Brandon/Kathy Willens)


Conservatives lose their minds over last week’s late-night shakeup, while a GOP candidate talks incest

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

1. Various conservative clowns: Stephen Colbert will single-handedly destroy America.

The hysteria on the right about Stephen Colbert’s elevation to CBS’s Late Night post has been nothing short of hilarious. Even before news hit that Colbert would replace David Letterman when he retires, Bill O’Reilly frantically declared that Colbert is responsible for the “destruction of America.” That’s quite a distinction, when there are so many other things vying for the title of “America’s Top Destroyer.” (Wait, reality contest show idea: “Who will be America’s Next Top Destroyer?”)

More than failing infrastructure, abject refusal to deal with the coming climate catastrophe, rampant, spiraling inequality to rival the Gilded Age, near daily mass shootings, the criminalization of poverty; or deportation of millions of legions of innocent undocumented immigrants [insert your favorite scourge here], it is Stephen Colbert who is ushering in the decline of this great nation. In addition, O’Reilly also said, Colbert is an “ideological fanatic,” a “deceiver” and responsible for the mayhem following UConn’s March Madness win.

No, we don’t really get that last one either.

Rush Limbaugh sputtered that Colbert’s promotion was “an assault on the heartland of America,” prompting millions of heartlanders to scurry to their bomb shelters with multiple firearms, canned goods and bottled water. He also said it represented a “redefinition of comedy,” a “redefinition of what’s funny.” This is true, Rush. Comedy has been redefined to mean something that makes actual people laugh.

And, after numerous attempts to identify the full extent of the outrage, Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro finally landed on this metaphor: In making a career out of pitch-perfect conservative pundit mockery, Stephen Colbert was guilty of no less than the moral equivalent of “vile political blackface.” Clever wordsmith Shapiro called this “Conservativeface,” a neologism that seems destined to catch on.

No word on whether Colbert is the Anti-Christ.Although a few years back a little outfit called Christfire implied as much, calling Colbert Stalinesque, Hitleresque and a bigger threat to America than Islamic terrorism.

All right ye liberals! You’ve been warned! Laugh your way straight into Satan’s clutches.

2. Advisor to Texas GOP gubernatorial hopeful: (OK, it’s Charles Murray): There’s no evidence women are significant thinkers.

It’s pretty well known that American Enterprise Institute “scholar” Charles Murray is a colossally dishonest thinker who shrouds claims of white intellectual superiority in pseudo-science. But he has proven himself offensive and wrongheaded on other topics as well. This week at a talk at University of Texas, he stood by his claim that women have not contributed much significant thought to the field of philosophy. But don’t feel too bad, gals, because Murray did allow that some of you are very good in literature.

Murray’s enlightened views on women naturally include his oppositions to equal pay laws. He argues that such laws would hurt women by discouraging companies from hiring them, and anyway he doesn’t even believe in pay discrimination—it’s a myth invented by liberals. “Women prefer to stay home with their children,” he says. And they also choose lower-paying jobs.

Who cares what Charles Murray says, you ask? Well, Texas GOP hopeful Gregg Abbott does. He takes some of his cues on education from Murray and specifically cited Murray’s work in his argument against universal pre-K. Of course, Abbott keeps some pretty questionable company in general. He’s also appeared with Ted Nugent, whose enlightened views on women and blacks are fairly well known.

h/t: RawStory

3. Virginia GOP candidate Bob Marshall: No incest exception for abortion because sometimes people want to have incest.

The good people of Virginia have themselves a real prize in Republican Bob Marshall, who is running to represent them in Congress. In fact, his views are so extreme on things like abortion and same-sex marriage that even his fellow Virginia Republicans can’t stand him. And that is saying something. He’s the one who introduced the bill requiring women who want abortions to have an ultrasound first, which helped make Virginia the butt of late-night jokes.

Still, he does have a following among other crazy social conservatives who could carry him to a congressional seat, where he could continue to embarrass his state. Marshall is anti-abortion, anti-same-sex marriage and anti-Planned Parenthood. He has some pretty bizarre religious ideas, too. Remarks of his that came to light this week include his opposition to abortions even in the case of incest, because, “How do you know it’s not voluntary? Sometimes it is.”

He has also said that disabled children are punishment for women having abortions. Here is his very science-based assertion: “The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion who have handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the firstborn of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” he said.

No clue as to what his source for this bizarre claim is. Voices in his head, perhaps.

h/t: RawStory and: RightWingWatch

4. Reince Priebus: There should be no caps on campaign donations at all!

The chairman of the Republican National Party, Reince Priebus, echoed the words of his master Charles Koch this week when he came out for removing all caps on campaign donations. He also suggested that donors should not even have to be disclosed. Well, theoretically, he thinks disclosure might be okay, but….

“I mean, you want to be for disclosure,” Preibus said. “But when you start to see some of the cases out there where people are targeted, and businesses are targeted and picketed and threatened for political contributions, then now you’re suppressing free speech through disclosure. So I mean, even things that I want to agree with are getting to be very difficult.”

So to summarize, money is speech and should therefore not be limited in any way (particularly when it is flowing into Republican coffers). But unlike actual speech, money should be spoken in secret and not be open to scrutiny or criticism.

Because that hurts money’s feelings.

5. Detroit columnist Nolan Finley: Woman candidate is “milking the vagina business.”

Detroit News’ editorial page editor and columnist Nolan Finley displayed his ability to keep it real classy this week. Notoriously anti-Democratic and pro-corporate, he has long been using his perch to rabidly oppose the candidacy of Democrats, most recently Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and his running mate, Lisa Brown. This week Finley wrote:

[Brown’s] confrontational style will give the ticket the spunk the colorless Schauer lacks, but won’t broaden his appeal. Brown could help bring in campaign cash, however. She’s still milking the vagina business, and is a minor celebrity among feminists.

Wait, there’s a vagina business that can be milked? How come we did not know that?

What that curious term means to Finley is that Lisa Brown favors reproductive rights for women, which in his world (roughly the 1950s) makes her an extreme left-wing liberal.

Milking the vagina business.

What will the Republican woman haters club come up with next?

6. Minnesota GOPer: I’m running for Congress because no child should be exposed to science.

Aaron Miller loves to tell the story of how his daughter came home in tears from school on the day when she learned about evolution. That’s not what her daddy taught her. Determined that his daughter and other innocent children should never again be exposed to science that might be upsetting to them, Miller was galvanized to run for Congress. The government has obviously declared “war on our values,” he thought. Well, he was just going to declare war right back at them.

Miller has already gotten endorsements from other creationists in government, like Minnesota State Rep. Allen Quist, who has  argued that it is only reasonable people and dinosaurs coexisted and that the Book of Job offers science lessons.

He also joins a GOP field full of anti-science deep thinkers, like Paul Broun of Georgia who knows that  evolution is a lie “straight from the pit of hell.” In Texas, all four GOP candidates competing for the lieutenant governorship in Texas are  pushing to teach creationism in public schools. Even more plentiful are the climate science deniers. They even get to head up congressional science committees.

Because the GOP is determined that every child should grow up in blissful ignorance.

h/t: ThinkProgress

7. Florida Rep: Floridians can’t vote on solar ballot measure.  

Solar energy is increasingly popular among Floridians, which is why a Republican representative is hellbent on keeping the issue out of the polls. As we all learned in high school civics class, democracy means not letting people vote on things you don’t want them to vote on. A Senate committee in the Sunshine State approved an amendment for the November ballot that would give tax breaks to businesses that install solar panels. But Ritch Workman is using his power as the chairman of the House Finance and Tax Committee to prevent that from happening. His lame excuse?

“I just don’t see the need to continue to expand the incentives and underwriting of solar,’’ Workman said. “Solar is coming a long way and eventually it’s going to be able to stand on its own two feet. But right now it doesn’t.”

More likely, say proponents of the bill, Workman is under the sway of Florida’s electric utilities, which adamantly oppose rooftop solar energy because it will end their monopoly.

Ah well, it’s not as if there’s some big hurry to convert to clean energy or anything. It’s not as if climate change and global warming are some big urgent problem that the whole country needs to immediately address in no uncertain terms in order to avert what is certain to be catastrophic climate events, the likes of which we are only just beginning to see. No, no, no.

Anyway, we all know the sun is for frying your skin, not heating your home or running your appliances. Silly.


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O’Reilly Confronts Geraldo over His MH370 ‘Lunacy’

It’s a slow Saturday so for now, all I’ve got is this…(LOL)


Bill O’Reilly has established himself as perhaps the biggest critic of the cable news MH370 coverage on TV right now, and on Friday night he brought on Geraldo Rivera to confront him about his “lunacy” on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. On Fox & Friends Friday morning, Rivera said it was likely the plane was hijacked and then landed somewhere in order to pick up a “secret passenger.”

O’Reilly wasted no time in laughing at Rivera, remarking that he “put forth some lunacy” and asking why in the hell he would do that. Rivera insisted, “It’s not a theory about aliens and black holes, it’s true!”

When Rivera said he knows what likely happened to the plane, O’Reilly asked, “Did you go to the psychic? Did she tell you?”

Rivera explained that there was likely a maintenance issue, “smoldering fire in the tire,” and when they were in the air it “ignited a fire” and as they were trying to land they were “overcome by smoke inhalation.” After listening to Rivera, O’Reilly told viewers, “You’ll never get those two minutes back, ladies and gentlemen.”

Watch the video below, via Newscenter



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Obama’s “Undignified”? Here’s What’s Undignified!

The Huffington Post

Your call: Obama sitting “Between Two Ferns”? Or Republicans standing for…?

Follow Rick Horowitz on Twitter: www.twitter.com/Rick_Horowitz



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Geraldo ‘Attacks’ O’Reilly over Contentious Obama Interview: You ‘Minimized’ the President!


Geraldo Rivera took on Bill O’Reilly Friday night over whether O’Reilly was disrespectful to President Obama in their big Super Bowl interview. Rivera gave O’Reilly some benefit of the doubt, but other than that thought O’Reilly was a bit too confrontational and didn’t give Obama the kind of respect a president normally deserves.

Rivera argued it was less like an interview and more like a meeting of the minds with the “President of Most of the White Guys of America” (O’Reilly) against the president of the rest of the country, and told O’Reilly that it was out of line for him to refer to Obama as a “community organizer.”

He said it was “unsettling to watch,” and the president deserves “all the respect and dignity” of the office. O’Reilly fired back that his job is not to please, it’s to “get information” and ask “the tough questions,” and believed that he gave enough deference and respect to the office of the presidency.

Rivera concluded that the larger point O’Reilly made about inner-city families was “obscured” by how he “minimized” the president.

Watch the video below…


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Fox’s O’Reilly Says Obama Will ‘Seize-White-Assets’ To Implement Obamacare!

O’Reilly, et al insist that they are not the “race-baiters”.  Yeah, right!

H/t: TheObamaCRAT™


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The Fifth Column’s Blog Roundup – September 12, 2013

Toxic Inequality

Tech giants want NSA transparency

Trayvon Martin medical examiner fired

The rich got richer. The 99%? Not so much

Cops: Zimmerman iPad too busted to yield video

Pelosi: ‘New Low’ For GOP ‘Dysfunction And Disarray’

Pastor Arrested Before He Could Burn Qurans – ABC News

Obama quietly extends post-9/11 state of national emergency

Mercedes-Benz S 500 Plug-In Hybrid Offers Surprising Gas Mileage

Eric Boehlert: FLASHBACK: Bill O’Reilly Accuses NBC Of Being A “Fifth Column” For Putin


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Lawrence O’Donnell destroys O’Reilly’s racist rants with actual science

Lawrence O'Donnell blasts O'Reilly's 'narrow, uneducated' comments on Black Americans [MSNBC]

Lawrence O’Donnell blasts O’Reilly’s ‘narrow, uneducated’ comments on Black Americans [MSNBC]


The Raw Story

Citing decades of scholastic research, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell rebuffed his Fox News counterpart Bill O’Reilly’s attempts to play “amateur sociologist” regarding the circumstances that led to the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

“Never mind that Trayvon Martin was the son of a very involved and loving father and never mind that [President] Barack Obama grew up without a father and went on to do rather well for himself and be a credit to his single mother,” O’Donnell said on Monday.

In the wake of the July 13 acquittal of Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, O’Donnell explained, O’Reilly has used his network platform to sneer at “Hollywood people” and “derelict parents” within the African-American community while insisting that America’s history of slavery and institutional prejudice did nothing to foster the country’s current social climate.

“The struggles of Black America have nothing to do with slavery in Bill O’Reilly’s very narrow and uneducated mind,” O’Donnell said mockingly, before citing not only the 1965 Moynihan Report, but later studies by Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson and Harvard University professor William Julius Wilson.

“Professor Wilson and his friend, the former Harvard Professor [Daniel] Moynihan, would never consider discussing or analyzing family structure in the Black community if that discussion did not begin at slavery and include all the dynamic factors — good and bad — that have shaped the Black American experience since slavery,” O’Donnell said.

Watch O’Donnell take O’Reilly to task, as aired Monday on MSNBC, below.

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Fox News host Bill O’Reilly: Those upset by Zimmerman verdict ‘simply hate America’

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly (Screenshot)

I’ve tried to limit the coverage on the Zimmerman verdict but it seems to be dominating the news cycles.  In the mean time I must say this:  Bill O’Reilly is a pompous ass…

The Raw Story

Think the U.S. justice system treats African Americans unfairly? Then you “simply hate America” or suffer a “victim mentality,” according to Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

After highlighting some of the violence that occurred after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder, the Fox News host said Monday night those upset by the verdict could be roughly divided into two groups: those who hated America and those overwhelmed by a victim mentality.

“So the anti-American folks are using the acquittal of George Zimmerman to vent their hatred,” O’Reilly said. “Talking Points believes that’s dishonest. America in general had nothing to do with the death of Trayvon Martin. It was a calamity, not a product of policy.”

He added it was “astounding” that someone like Chicago preacher Father Michael Pfleger could believe America’s long history of institutional racism could impact a criminal trial.

“Now the second group of Americans emotionally invested in the demise of George Zimmerman are those who believe their country is flat out racist,” O’Reilly continued. “That blacks and other minorities don’t get fair play from the justice system, the economic system, or the social system.”

This second group wasn’t actually experiencing racism, he suggested. Instead, their view was based on “person grievances” or the “victim mentality.”

Watch the video courtesy of Fox News.



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Bill O’Reilly: Gay Rights Advocates Have ‘Compelling Argument’

TPM LiveWire

As two landmark gay rights cases appear before the Supreme Court this week, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday said those in favor of equal rights on the issue have a “compelling argument” against religious conservatives.

“The compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals,” O’Reilly said. “That’s where the compelling argument is. We’re Americans, we just want to be treated like everyone else. That’s a compelling argument. And to deny that, you’ve got to have a compelling argument on the other side. And the other side hasn’t been able to do anything but thump the bible.”

O’Reilly added that he has long supported civil unions for same-sex couples. “The gay marriage thing, I don’t feel that strongly about it one way or the other,” he said, adding that the issue should be left up to the states.

O’Reilly has previously suggested that accepting same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy, because polygamists would want the same treatment as other groups.

Video:  (Watch (key part comes in at 4:50)

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The David Pakman Show – Herman Cain: Obama Voters Have ‘Severe Ignorance Problem’ (VIDEO)


This is obviously a case of projection on Mr. Cain’s part…

Addicting Info

From the David Pakman Show

Herman Cain is a new voice on Fox News. His comments seem to make him a worthy replacement for Sarah Palin, matching the obtuseness she often offered.

For example, when asked in an interview with Bill O’Reilly why President Obama is so popular, he responded along the lines of (as David paraphrases):

“We have a severe ignorance problem and he received the vote of 51% of the electorate who were misled enough to vote for him.”

Of course, as David points out, all of the facts contradict this assertion, but why argue with truth?

David shares segments of the O’Reilly/Cain interview and discusses the disconnect that continues in the way Fox, and the right in general, view the true mood of America.

See the video:


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