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Bill Kristol: Right wing attacks on Trayvon Martin ‘ridiculous’

Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday. Screenshot via Youtube.

The Raw Story

Conservative columnist Bill Kristol criticized potential smear campaigns on Trayvon Marton from right-wing websites Sunday morning.

Appearing on his usual role as a panel guest on Fox News Sunday, Kristol did accuse the media and activists bringing more attention to the incident as those promoting “demagogugery.” But he then chastised those along his same ideological beliefs.

“It is just demagoguery,” Kristol said. “I think, mostly on the side of those who want to indict the whole society for this death, maybe very unjustified shooting of this young man. And then some counterreaction by some on the right who feel this is unjust and now weren’t going to attack Trayvon Martin, which is really ridiculous as well.”

Kristol also voice concerned over Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, questioning whether the controversial legislation is “sensible.”

WATCH: Video from Fox News, which was broadcast on April 1, 2012.

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Bill Kristol concedes 2012 presidential race to Democrats

After viewing the GOP candidates, I can understand why Bill Kristol laments a likely loss to President Barack Obama.  He waxes nostalgic over what was (Ronald Reagan’s election) and what could be, in his column.  However, he concedes that 2012 will not be the year of the GOP.

But…Bill Kristol has rarely been right on his predictions.  Here’s hoping he knocks this one out of the park!

The Raw Story

In a column at the Weekly Standard website, former New York Times columnist Bill Kristol opines that “assuming that presidential field remains as it is” for the GOP, “2012 won’t be a repeat of 1980″. He is referring to the election of Ronald Reagan after Jimmy Carter’s single term in the White House.

The column itself is a semi-rhapsodic invocation of what is apparently to Kristol a sacred date, “November 4, 1980, the instant when we knew Ronald Reagan, the man who gave the speech in the lost cause of 1964, leader of the movement since 1966, derided by liberal elites and despised by the Republican establishment, the moment when we knew—he’d won, we’d won, the impossible dream was possible, the desperate gamble of modern conservatism might pay off, conservatism had a chance, America had a chance”.

Kristol quotes a passage from William Faulkner’s 1948 novel, Intruder in the Dust which says for a certain species of Southern teenager, it is permanently the eve of the battle of Gettysburg, the high-water mark of the Confederate effort in the Civil War. Kristol casts the Southern struggle in 1863 as that of the American conservative, the victory in 1980 forming a kind of bulwark in their ongoing war to win out “over decadent liberalism”.

Many on the right are dreaming that the next presidential election will return the country to Republican rule, but Kristol’s column appears to pour cold water on those hopes. “(W)e’re not going to have a chance to replay that election,” he says, with the current crop of candidates, in spite of the fact that he refers to President Obama as “an icompetent incumbet”.

These candidates are going to be the only ones the Republicans have, however. The filing deadlines for the primary elections in Florida and South Carolina were October 31 and November 1, respectively.

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Behind the Right’s Glenn Beck Backlash

The Daily Beast

Bill Kristol criticized the Fox News host’s Egypt coverage, and Rich Lowry and others are piling on. But the condemnations are unlikely to spread to the GOP mainstream—and favorites like Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart are two reasons why.

Is the right turning against Glenn Beck?

This week in Commentary, Peter Wehner became the latest conservative commentator to call out the Fox News host’s absurd ramblings. He joined Bill Kristol, who criticized Beck’s coverage of the uprising in Egypt, Rich Lowry, who piled on, and Matthew Continetti, who called Beck’s oeuvre “nonsense” last summer.

That brings us to their fellow conservative Jennifer Rubin, who writes for The Washington Post. “What should thoughtful conservatives do? I’ve said it before, but it is especially relevant here: Police their own side,” she advised this week. “Rather than reflexively rising to his defense when questioned about Beck, why don’t conservatives call him out and explain that he doesn’t represent the views of mainstream conservatives? Conservative groups and candidates should be forewarned: If they host, appear with or defend him they should be prepared to have his extremist views affixed to them.”

As a Beck critic who criticized the creepy aspects of his on-air personality even when he was touting awesome Friedrich Hayek books, I’d love to see more folks in the conservative movement adopt Rubin’s attitude. But they won’t. One reason is that it’s difficult to condemn Beck in isolation. Acknowledging that his show is indefensible—that’s the core of her critique—means confronting the fact that Fox News under Roger Ailes knowingly broadcasts factually inaccurate and egregiously misleading nonsense every day. How many conservatives are willing to stipulate that?

It also means departing from the conservative movement’s standard approach to its entertainers: It’s verboten to criticize anyone on “your own side” in an ideological conflict many see as binary.   Continue reading here…


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Kristol Calls Christine O’Donnell ‘A Bit Of A Flake’

Think Progress

Discussing the firestorm around Christine O’Donnell’s surprise victory in Delaware’s U.S. Senate GOP primary last week, Bill Kristol insisted on Fox News Sunday today that he had no problem with where O’Donnell stood on the issues. He explained that as a “fellow wing-nut” he would “agree with all the votes she would cast in the Senate” and he therefore would be inclined to vote for her if he lived in Delaware. But Kristol’s praise was fleeting. He noted that he would have voted for her establishment-picked opponent Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) in the primary because “Christine O’Donnell is a bit of a flake I think… or has been in the past.” Watch it:


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Kristol: ‘It’s not healthy for the country…for the President to bully’ BP.

Bill Kristol doesn’t have a great track record on predictions or punditry.  He has tried, and tried and tried to tell the world how things will or should be, but Kristol has been wrong on almost everything that he says.   That’s an amazing track record!   

Think Progress

Last week, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward or what he called a “shakedown” from the White House. While even a number of Republicans have distanced themselves from Barton’s comments, today on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace wondered if Barton may have a point. Responding to Wallace, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol appeared to throw out the obligatory attack on BP, calling the oil giant “Beyond Pathetic,” but he nevertheless agreed with Wallace that the White House is being to hard on the company — and big corporations in general:

WALLACE: Question Bill Kristol, is the President standing up to big business or is he bullying boardrooms?

KRISTOL: I think his own Interior Secretary said something about keeping his foot on the throat of BP, which doesn’t sound like standing up to anyone. It sounds like bullying. I have no sympathy for BP. We have an article in the Weekly Standard this week saying that BP should stand for “Beyond Pathetic.” I think it was the least responsible of the Big Oil companies. It has managed to handle itself pretty poorly even since the disaster let alone before. But it’s not healthy for the country, for the economy as a whole, for the President to bully different companies and different industries and I think it’s not helping us.



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Despite Record-High Deportation Numbers, Kristol Says Obama Is ‘Reluctant’ To Enforce Immigration Laws

It seems with the Faux News crowd, Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  No winning with these folks.

Think Progress

Today, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, conservative pundit Bill Kristol slammed the Obama administration for denouncing Arizona’s immigration law. Specifically, Kristol insisted that his own Latino friends have no problem with the Arizona law and that Obama’s criticism is out of line. According to Kristol, the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) head John Morton has indicated that his agency may not help Arizona enforce its likely unconstitutional law demonstrates the Obama administration’s overall “reluctance” to enforce the immigration laws that are already place:

I’ve spoken to a lot of African American people, a lot of Hispanic people about this. They don’t object to the notion that we need to be tougher in our enforcement of immigration law. [...]

The Obama administration is full of people who are at best reluctant to actually enforce the laws on the book – using the excuse that we can’t enforce anything until we have comprehensive immigration reform.

Quite the contrary, Obama certainly hasn’t been opposed to letting federal immigration agents do their jobs. In April 2009, Obama indicated that the government has to prove it’s “competent in getting results around immigration” in terms of enforcing the laws that are already in place, before the American people can have “confidence that if we actually put a [immigration reform] package together we can execute.” Under the Obama administration’s leadership, Morton has been deporting more undocumented immigrants than the Bush administration. Each year, under President Bush, the number of deportations more than tripled. Much to the dismay of immigration advocates who thought that Morton was only going to go after the “worst of the worst,” the Obama administration has maintained this upward trend. During fiscal year 2009, 100,000 more immigrants were deported than during the last full fiscal year of the Bush presidency:


And while Kristol’s Latino friends might not have a problem with Arizona’s immigration law, 67 percent of the nation’s Latino voters do.



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