Anthony Weiner’s Revenge

I hope that former Representative Anthony Weiner’s eagle-eyed focus on Justice Clarence Thomas’ corruption and deceit is the next thing to be exposed and dealt with… Mother Jones When prosecutors charged executives from the precious metals company Goldline with fraud on Tuesday, it marked an unusual victory for someone who hasn’t had many wins lately: former New […]

Blackboard, fly: So long, “Glenn Beck Show”

Glenn Beck ends his controversial three-year run on Fox News tonight… Salon So long, “Glenn Beck Show”! We’ve had so much fun with you since you began your hysterical, racist campaign against the president and organizations that have black people in them or that are somehow dedicated to helping minorities and underprivileged people as part of […]

Monday Blog Round Up

Possible Deal in Works As Shutdown Looms Perilously close to a government shutdown, the White House and congressional leaders .. Video: Face the Nation 06.19.11 Mitch McConnell speaks with Bob Schieffer about raising the debt ceiling, overregulat.. PROMISES, PROMISES: No action from Obama on guns WASHINGTON (AP) — More than five months after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords […]

Glenn Beck to Charge for Online Show

Does Glenn Beck really think he will be successful with his new online network venture by charging viewers a monthly subscription?  I think someone gave Beck some bad advice… The Daily Beast Glenn Beck is about to find out just how loyal his followers are. When he moves from Fox News to his own Internet […]

Glenn Beck Responds To Meghan McCain Controversy (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck is like a festering sore on this society…someone please find the antiseptic!  The Huffington Post Glenn Beck addressed the controversy surrounding his comments about Meghan McCain during his weekly appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Friday–but did not apologize for making them. Beck landed in hot water with the McCains after he pretended […]