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Conservatives Spew Racist Hatred At ‘Filthy’ ‘Monkey’ Obama Because They Believed Satire (SCREENSHOTS)

In U.S. Politics on March 31, 2015 at 4:55 PM

Courtesy of The New Yorker | Photography By Brendon Smialowski/AFP/Getty

In this instance the people mentioned in the article below ran with a piece from a satirical column (The Horowitz Report) and believed it to be true.

Addicting Info

In yet another instance of conservatives accepting satire as reality, right-wingers were apoplectic after reading an uncited piece onQPolitical that claimed President Obama signed an executive order ripping away their beloved Ted Cruz’s access to insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

“In the midst of ISIS, Hillary, and Bergdahl- Obama has found time to make an executive order banning Ted Cruz from Obamacare. This is ridiculous,” writes “NPO” at QPolitical. What followed was a delusional rant that may dwarf anything Cruz himself could produce:

The dramatic action is Obama’s response to Cruz’s discussion about Obamacare with CNN. Cruz expressed his displeasure with being forced to sign up for Obamacare- like infinite politicians have previously. But for some reason Obama felt this extraordinary measure of singling out Cruz was necessary.

“Clearly the hardship of receiving Obamacare was causing Ted a great deal of pain. This should take care of that,” Obama said.

You can feel the insincerity in Obama’s remarks.

Obama then had the audacity to call the executive order designed specifically to make Cruz ineligible for Obamacare a “humanitarian gesture.”

“I never said I didn’t want to have it. I said I didn’t want everyone else in the country to have it,” Cruz said in an official statement after the childish executive order was signed.

Obama’s distortion of Cruz’s opposition to Obamacare and prioritization of this unnecessary executive order reveals a White House that is fundamentally flawed. What do you think of Obama’s latest executive order?

To most, this sounds like something one would find in a satirical Andy Borowitz piece for the New Yorker — and those people would be correct.

While QPolitical chose not to cite sources, the “information” seems to come from Borowitz’s March 24 column, which clearly notes it is satire right at the bottom.


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Recently, Cruz signed up for Obamacare — the very thing he and his friends shut down the government trying to stop. The Senator was widely mocked for his choice to utilize the very benefits and protections of which he wants to deprive others.

It’s almost baffling that conservatives are so desperate to hate our President that they will quite literally believe anything — even if the source is clearly identified as satire  — just to have more ammunition to throw at the President.


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