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Why President Obama Is So Terrifying


Ta-Nehisi Coates is a prolific writer.

I’ve seen him on several shows in the last few days because of an amazing article he wrote for The Atlantic.  Each of the hosts gave Coates kudos for writing such a powerful essay which is entitled: Fear of a Black President.

The Root

When President Barack Obama was asked about Trayvon Martin’s untimely death during a press conference about another topic, the commander in chief replied: “But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Seems like a perfectly relatable response, but Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor at the Atlantic, argues that because those words came from a black president, suddenly the situation became “racialized political fodder.”

Why President Obama Is So Terrifying

But it would be wrong to attribute the burgeoning support for Zimmerman to the blunders of Spike Lee or an NBC producer. Before President Obama spoke, the death of Trayvon Martin was generally regarded as a national tragedy. After Obama spoke, Martin became material for an Internet vendor flogging paper gun-range targets that mimicked his hoodie and his bag of Skittles. (The vendor sold out within a week.) Before the president spoke, George Zimmerman was arguably the most reviled man in America. After the president spoke, Zimmerman became the patron saint of those who believe that an apt history of racism begins with Tawana Brawley and ends with the Duke lacrosse team.

The irony of Barack Obama is this: he has become the most successful black politician in American history by avoiding the radioactive racial issues of yesteryear, by being “clean” (as Joe Biden once labeled him) — and yet his indelible blackness irradiates everything he touches. This irony is rooted in the greater ironies of the country he leads. For most of American history, our political system was premised on two conflicting facts — one, an oft-stated love of democracy; the other, an undemocratic white supremacy inscribed at every level of government. In warring against that paradox, African Americans have historically been restricted to the realm of protest and agitation. But when President Barack Obama pledged to “get to the bottom of exactly what happened,” he was not protesting or agitating. He was not appealing to federal power — he was employing it. The power was black — and, in certain quarters, was received as such.

No amount of rhetorical moderation could change this. It did not matter that the president addressed himself to “every parent in America.” His insistence that “everybody [pull] together” was irrelevant. It meant nothing that he declined to cast aspersions on the investigating authorities, or to speculate on events. Even the fact that Obama expressed his own connection to Martin in the quietest way imaginable — “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” — would not mollify his opposition. It is, after all, one thing to hear “I am Trayvon Martin” from the usual placard-waving rabble-rousers. Hearing it from the commander of the greatest military machine in human history is another.

Read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ entire piece at The Atlantic.

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Conservative Writer Declares White Supremacy ‘One Of The Best Arrangements In History’

I guess Mr. Derbyshire  is waiting for the South to rise again, as well…

Addicting Info

Former National Review writer John Derbyshire has been a disgrace to his profession and his country for over a decade. He wrote for the conservative publication for 12 years until he was fired for publishing a piece in Taki’s Magazine. The article served as a guide for parents on how to train children to be racists. For some reason, the National Review felt the need to fire Derbyshire for this piece, even though he has written racist articles over the course of his career. But his firing hasn’t stopped Derbyshire from publishing racist articles.

In an article written for a white nationalist site known as, Derbyshire declared that white supremacy is “one of the greatest arrangements” in all of history, and connected white nationalism to conservatism.

“The enemies of conservatism are eager to supply their own nomenclature. “White Supremacist” seems to be their current favorite. It is meant maliciously, of course, to bring up images of fire-hoses, attack dogs, pick handles, and segregated lunch counters—to imply that conservatives, especially non-mainstream conservatives, are cruel people with dark thoughts. Leaving aside the intended malice, I actually think “White Supremacist” is not bad semantically. White supremacy, in the sense of a society in which key decisions are made by white Europeans, is one of the better arrangements History has come up with. There have of course been some blots on the record, but I don’t see how it can be denied that net-net, white Europeans have made a better job of running fair and stable societies than has any other group.”

And conservatives have the gall to whine when they’re called racists. Derbyshire of course, is white-washing history. He claims white supremacy has led to more “fair and stable societies” but conveniently ignores the atrocities committed by the white race throughout history. The Nazis were white, and they slaughtered millions and nearly destroyed civilization. It took a worldwide effort of people of all races to defeat them. And let’s not forget that whites are responsible for nearly wiping out Native Americans and enslaving Africans, not to mention wiping out South American Indian civilizations. When one really studies history, one finds that when it comes to white Europeans, they’ve never missed an opportunity to take advantage of or destroy people of color.

John Derbyshire represents what is wrong with conservatism today and why Americans need to reject it and leave it as nothing more than a terrible footnote in world history. America has a chance to move toward a future free of hate and prejudice, and if we don’t reach out and take that chance now, the bigots and racists of the Republican Party will continue their quest to transform America into a nation where only white people matter.

Editor’s note: Emphasis are mine

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Racist Anti-Obama Sticker Makes Rounds On Facebook

Renig Bumper Sticker

This is sick.  I am so embarrassed that our country has come to this…and this, in the  21st century!

The Huffington Post

A photograph of a bumper sticker that features racist, anti-Obama language has gone viral on Facebook and other social networks.

The sticker reads “Don’t Re-Nig In 2012,” in large white type, above smaller text that reads: “Stop repeat offenders. Don’t re-elect Obama!”

The offensive design appears to have originated at a site called Stumpy’s Stickers, where it can be purchased. The site sells variations on the same idea, including another “Don’t Re-Nig” design featuring a caricature of a black man’s face with a missing tooth, a picture of a chimp that reads “Obama 2012,” and another with a drawing of several Ku Klux Klan members that reads “The Original Boys In The Hood.”

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Sources say Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters

Did anyone ever doubt that Ron Paul was lying when he said he never signed off on those racist newsletters?

The Raw Story

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul has consistently denied having written — or even read — the inflammatory racist and anti-gay remarks that went out under his name in newsletters he published in the early 1990s. Although numerous associates agree that Paul does not hold racist views, however, it appears that he may have known more about the racist articles than he has been willing to admit.

The Washington Post reported  on Friday that three people with first-hand knowledge of Paul’s operations say “he was deeply involved in the company that produced the newsletters, Ron Paul & Associates, and closely monitored its operations, signing off on articles and speaking to staff members virtually every day.”

“It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product. … He would proof it,’’ former company secretary Renae Hathway told the Post.

According to these sources, the main author of the racist passages was Lew Rockwell, who was then the vice president of Paul’s company.

The Post also details how closely entangled Paul’s political career, his business ventures, and members of his own family were during those years. According to one source, who chose to remain anonymous, Paul and his associates made a deliberate choice in the late 1980s to increase sales of the newsletter by making it more provocative.

“It was playing on a growing racial tension, economic tension, fear of government,’’ the source stated “I’m not saying Ron believed this stuff. It was good copy. Ron Paul is a shrewd businessman.’’

Cato Institute President Ed Crane, who frequently lunched with Paul during this period, similarly told the paper that when the two of them discussed how to increase the circulation of Paul’s newsletters, they agreed that “people who have extreme views” were most likely to respond. Paul told Crane his best response had come when he used a mailing list from the racist and anti-Semitic newspaper, Spotlight.

If that was the strategy, it apparently worked. According to the Post, political disclosure forms show that between 1984 and 1995, Paul went from being up to $765,000 in debt to having a net worth of up to $3.3 million.

A Paul spokesperson contacted by the Post for comment expressed doubt about the assertions made by Crane and the other sources.


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Condoleezza Rice Says America Will Never Be Race Blind

The premise is no surprise, but the statement coming from Republican, Condoleezza Rice is…

The Root

Citing a black president, two black secretaries of state and progress for African Americans beyond what her grandparents ever thought would be possible, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on a Thanksgiving edition of Face the Nation that America may have come a long way in confronting racial inequality, but it will never be “race blind,” and that race and poverty in America are “still a terrible witch’s brew.” That’s not exactly breaking news, but are you surprised to hear the hard truth from her?

From CBS News:

Still, she argued that even though America has “gotten to a place [where] race is not the limiting factor that it once was,” she said that “we’re never going to erase race as a factor in American life.”

“It is a birth defect with which this country was born out of slavery; we’re never really going to be race blind,” she said.

She pointed to the confluence of race and poverty as a particularly troubling constraint for overcoming inequality, and wondered if that problem isn’t becoming even more exacerbated in recent years.

See video here…

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Jean-phillippe’s: The Mossback Theory

I recommend reading regular Fifth Column commenter jean-philippe‘s post entitled:The Mossback Theory.  Here’s an excerpt:

One, among progressives, that he’s a mediocre, spineless, complacent leader who accomplished very little after promising hope and change. A weak politician unable to deliver a decent healthcare reform with public, universal healthcare, like 86 countries already have. A passive president who witnessed the oil spill and the Tucson shooting without doing anything. An impressionable man who caved in to agree to let the wealthies keep outrageous tax cuts. A loser so infuriating that he has been able to anger the dullest man in America.


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Racism to blame for Obama’s problems, key Democrat says

Well, I’m just shocked!  Shocked, I tell you, to find out that racism is to blame for Obama’s problems (sarcasm).

However, I prefer to call it Obama Derangement Syndrome. You know, it sounds more politically correct.

The truth of the matter is, Rep. Clyburn is spot on!


House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African-American in Congress, on Wednesday blamed most of President Barack Obama’s political problems on racism.

Clyburn, who’s from South Carolina and is a close ally of the president, offered his views in response to a question about Obama’s re-election prospects next year.

“I think they’re improving every day,” Clyburn said. “I think the president has been a good president, a great commander in chief.”

Clyburn, who met his wife at a 1960 court hearing after spending a night in jail for having engaged in a civil rights protest in Orangeburg, S.C., then brought up Obama’s race as the first black president.

“You know, I’m 70 years old,” he said. “And I can tell you; people don’t like to deal with it, but the fact of the matter is, the president’s problems are in large measure because of the color of his skin.”

Clyburn noted that he himself got hate mail, racist phone calls and offensive faxes on a regular basis. Asked how that relates to the president, Clyburn retorted: “We have the same skin color; that’s how it relates to him.”

Clyburn described a recent racist image of Obama that received widespread news coverage.

“When he sees his face being put on a chimpanzee’s body; do you think he didn’t see that?” Clyburn said. “And I suspect they send the same faxes to his office they send to mine.”

Marilyn Davenport, a member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee in California, forwarded an email to friends last month that displayed a photograph of a chimpanzee with Obama’s face superimposed on its head.

In response to the immediate uproar, Davenport apologized but rebuffed demands from the California NAACP that she resign her GOP post.

Read more…

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Sarah Palin: ‘Just too easy’ to criticize Common’s White House appearance

This woman has been so marginalized to the political sidelines recently, that she had to “go there” to get any attention at all. 

 This part of her statement says it all in terms of her “deep-seated” (to borrow a term from Glenn Beck) racist attitude:

“The White House’s judgment on inviting someone who would glorify cop killing during police memorial week, of all times, the judgment is so lacking of class and decency and all that is good about America with an invite like this.”


Sarah Palin threw some more fuel onto the fire of the Drudge Report-led controversy swirling around the White House’s decision to host the rapper Common at a celebration of poetry.

“It is just too easy,” Palin said of criticizing the decision, which has caused an uproar in conservative spheres. “The White House’s judgment on inviting someone who would glorify cop killing during police memorial week, of all times, the judgment is so lacking of class and decency and all that is good about America with an invite like this.”

Common has come under attack for some of his past lyrics, including those about a former Black Panther who was convicted of killing a police officer. White House press secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday defended the decision to invite Common, pointing out that the rapper has “spoken very forcefully out against violent and misogynist lyrics.”

Still, Palin was happy to jump into the fray Wednesday night in a lengthy television interview almost entirely dedicated to the controversy.

“We thought we were to be united under the leader of the free world, Barack Obama in tamping down racism and inciting violence — and cop killing certainly — and killing a former president,” Palin said on Fox News, interspersing references to some of Common’s lyrics that have been targeted by the right.

“All those things that this rapper has glorified and is known for certainly reflects a lack of judgment on the White House’s part,” she said.


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Jon Stewart’s Epic Takedown Of Fox News For Pushing Rapper Common’s W.H. ‘Controversy’

Jon Stewart is on top of his game with this one!


On tonight’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took an artistic approach to dealing with Fox News’ substantial coverage of the controversy (or “controversy,” depending where you’re sitting) surrounding the White House’s inclusion of rapper and actor Common in a poetry event.

Stewart kicked things off by noting that Common is the cuddly, mainstream sort of rapper you might find in a Gap ad or hanging out with Elmo. Even loves the guy! Stewart went after Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity for going after one particular verse within Common’s body of work which references a couple of cop killings and burning a “Bush.”

Stewart pointed to the hypocrisy of Fox News pundits going after Common, but not artists like Johnny Cash, who was honored by President George W. Bush and who also has penned a violent lyric or two in his day, and Ted Nugent, who has made violent remarks about Obama and Hillary Clinton, yet is considered a “friend” by Hannity. (Our own Tommy Christopher wrote about the whole “Nugent Thing” earlier today, as a matter of fact.)

And then… there’s Stewart’s rap. Nothing we could write here could adequately describe its scope and rhyminess, so watch it for yourself, via Comedy Central:



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Orange Co. GOPer Says Obama-As-Chimp Pic Was Just A Joke Meant For Friends

The problem with those self defined innocuous jokes about Obama or Blacks in general, sent via  email or other media is this:  There is a vile history of denigrating African Americans in this country since the civil war, depicting us as monkeys, savages, and the like.  The perception being that we are stupid and have to be trained to act “human” (not to be confused with “humane”.)

TPM Muckraker

Orange County Republican party official Marilyn Davenport has sort-of apologized for sending out a racist picture of President Obama depicting him as a chimp being held by his chimp parents: “I’m sorry if my email offended anyone. I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth.”

She added: “Again, for those select few who might be truly offended by viewing a copy of an email I sent to a select list of friends and acquaintances, unlike the liberal left when they do the same, I offer my sincere apologies to you–the email was not meant for you.”

Davenport’s message came after the OC Weekly obtained a copy of an e-mail on Friday with a picture of the President photoshopped onto a baby chimp that’s being held by two adult chimps. “Now you know why no birth certificate,” the picture says.


Here’s Davenport’s full apology e-mail from Saturday — it’s definitely worth a read:

I’m sorry if my email offended anyone. I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth. In no way did I even consider the fact he’s half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race. We all know a double standard applies regarding this president. I received plenty of emails about George Bush that I didn’t particularly like yet there was no ‘cry’ in the media about them. One only has to go to Youtube or Google Images to see a plethora or lampooning videos and pictures of Obama, Bush and other politicians. That being said, I will NOT resign my central committee position over this matter that the average person knows and agrees is much to do about nothing. Again, for those select few who might be truly offended by viewing a copy of an email I sent to a select list of friends and acquaintances, unlike the liberal left when they do the same, I offer my sincere apologies to you–the email was not meant for you. For any of my friends or acquaintances who were the recipients of my email and were truly offended, please call me so I may offer a sincere verbal apology to you.



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