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Bridenstine’s townhall gone wrong

Rachel Maddow

A Republican congressman in Oklahoma recently fielded a question at a town-hall event from a voter who said President Obama “should be executed as an enemy combatant.”   The congressman’s reaction made matters much worse.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R) recently hosted an event in his Oklahoma district, where he fielded a noxious question from a constituent. Specifically, an unidentified woman suggested President Obama “should be executed as an enemy combatant.” She added, “This guy is a criminal, nobody’s stopping him.”
Ordinarily, this would be about the time a member of Congress – or really, anyone concerned with basic decency – would say such talk is inappropriate and an invitation for a chat with the Secret Service. But Bridenstine chose a different course, answering the woman by expressing some sympathy for her views.
“Look,” the congressman responded, “everybody knows the lawlessness of this president. He picks and chooses which laws he’s going to enforce or not enforce. He does it by decree.” Bridenstine, slipping even deeper into the fever swamp, added that Obama “uses foreign bodies, he uses, you know, the United Nations to change the laws in the United States.”
For the record, for those living in reality, the president has not used the U.N. or any foreign body to try to change domestic laws.
Regardless, why is it, exactly, an elected member of Congress seemed wholly unconcerned when confronted by someone who wants to see the president executed? Why couldn’t Bridenstine take a moment to say something, anything, about the recklessness of such comments, before he expressed some sympathy for her perspective?
We don’t know exactly when the congressman’s town-hall meeting was held, but eight days after the video was posted to YouTube, Bridenstine’s office issued a statement. Here it is in its entirety:
“A public figure cannot control what people say in open meetings. I obviously did not condone and I do not approve of grossly inappropriate language. It is outrageous that irresponsible parties would attribute another person’s reckless remarks to me.”
As best as I can tell, no one has attributed the voter’s comments to the congressman. Rather, many have questioned why the congressman didn’t denounce the remarks immediately, rather than waiting more than a week.
What’s more, while it’s true public figures aren’t responsible for what others say in open meetings, public figures are responsible for how they respond to disgusting speech. In this case, Bridenstine heard someone call for the president’s execution, and he responded with bizarre and plainly inaccurate rhetoric about presidential “lawlessness.”
Finally, I found it interesting that the congressman’s statement added that he “obviously” doesn’t condone what the woman in the video said. I’ve watched the clip a few times, and if he was troubled by the voter’s comment, there’s nothing “obvious” about it.

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Christie’s Bridge-Gate Scandal Boosts Rachel Maddow To Ratings Victory Over Fox News

Rachel Maddow

This is an update to the article posted here…

News Corpse

The dominance of Fox News in the Nielsen ratings for cable networks has not been seriously challenged for most of the past several years. There have been periods that looked promising for the competition, particularly the months between the Democratic National Convention and the presidential election in 2012. During that time MSNBC was beating Fox on a regular basis as President Obama was doing the same to Mitt Romney. That trend was still in effect as late as January of 2013 when Fox reported steep declines in the key 25-54 demographic, while MSNBC shot upward.

Fox-MSNBC RatingsHowever, that state of affairs did not hold as the nation settled into a new year with the excitement of electioneering behind them. There would be little drama in the ratings race for the next few months. Eventually, Fox would enjoy a rebound as they ramped up their coverage of various scandals that they had been carefully crafting with their Republican allies. But even then they were suffering losses of the younger viewers that advertisers favor.

Last week, however, saw an unexpected bounce for MSNBC, and particularly Rachel Maddow. Her ratings in the demo thrust her into the number one spot for the whole week, ahead of Fox’s newly minted prime time star Megyn Kelly. Chris Matthews also benefited by tying the week with Greta Van Susteren, and Lawrence O’Donnell scored clean victories over Sean Hannity on a couple of days. This turnaround was surprising during a post-holiday lull, but there is a possible reason for it.

Maddow and her colleagues may have Chris Christie to thank for their ratings success. Their rising fortunes began at the same time that Maddow broke the story of the George Washington Bridge tantrum thrown by the Christie camp as political payback to unsupportive Democrats.

Let’s face it…Scandals have the same power to drive ratings in political news as they do in soap operas. The last ratings spike that Maddow enjoyed was when a video of Romney appeared showing him casting aside 47% of the American electorate as lazy moochers. And, as mentioned above, Fox exploited their own scandal sheet last may to recover from a long slump.

What this tells us is that, in order for MSNBC to consistently rise above Fox, they need to have as effective a scandal factory as Fox has. That’s a tall order because Fox has big head start in manufacturing fake scandals and the phony outrage that accompanies them. And for a network like MSNBC that has yet to exhibit much of an aptitude for inventing controversies that don’t exist in reality, they have some catching up to do.

Of course, Republicans have been more than generous in producing scandals for themselves, as the Christie affair so clearly demonstrates. The problem is that the so-called liberal media has not been especially good at taking advantage of the opportunities that were laid in their lap. But if MSNBC or CNN want to seriously challenge Fox’s ratings dominance, they had better show some improvement in that area in the future.

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tops Fox’s Megyn Kelly in Demo for Week of Jan. 6th

Finally, intelligence wins out over hyperbole…


Rachel Maddow finished last week with an average of 325K viewers in the 25-54 demo, making her MSNBC show #1 in the 9pm time slot, ahead of Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who had 305K. Maddow was first in the demo and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and MSNBC beat Fox News overall in the demo for prime time on Thursday and Friday, something that had not happened in more than a year.

The performance marked Maddow’s best ratings since the week of April 15th, 2013, when the Boston Marathon bombing dominated cable news coverage. This week, it may have been Maddow’s comprehensive coverage of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal that helped put her over the top. The host was one of the first to report on the potential scandal before it blew up into national news.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews also had a strong week, tying his competition on Fox, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, in the demo with 241K viewers. Lawrence O’Donnell beat Sean Hannity in the demo on both Wednesday and Thursday. And All In with Chris Hayes had its second-highest rated week ever with 261K in the demo.

MSNBC finished the week with an average 271K viewers in the demo during prime time, just 7% behind Fox’s 319K. CNN continued to struggle during the second week of the new year, coming in third place across the board.

[photos via MSNBC/Fox]

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Rachel Maddow Presents New Chris Christie Bridge Scandal Theory

Rachel Maddow discussing a new theory on why “Bridgegate” happened 1-9-2014

Did anyone see this on The Rachel Maddow Show last night.  Rachel, who was the first in the national media to break this story, just might be on to something…

The Huffington Post

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday presented a new theory why New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) may have wanted to close George Washington Bridge lanes — a festering feud between the governor and Democrats over state Supreme Court nominees.

As the story stands, Christie’s deputy chief of staff called for George Washington Bridge access lane closures that created a massive traffic jam in Fort Lee for four days in September — a move that many have written off as political retribution for Democratic Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich’s refusal to endorse the Republican governor’s reelection.

Maddow on Thursday presented an alternate theory, saying Sokolich’s endorsement “wasn’t that important.” Instead, she suggested the political payback was motivated by a tiff between New Jersey state Senate Democrats and the governor.

Maddow took viewers back to 2010, when Christie declined to reappoint a New Jersey Supreme Court justice, John E. Wallace Jr., for another term. The move left state Senate Democrats “absolutely outraged,” Maddow explained, and they refused to confirm any Christie’s nominees for Wallace’s seat.

“It’s been a big political crisis in New Jersey,” Maddow said.

By last August, Supreme Court Justice Helen Hoens, a Republican, was up for renomination. When state Senate Democrats signaled they would challenge Christie’s nomination, the governor said he wouldn’t renominate Hoens.

“I simply could not be party to the destruction of Helen Hoens’s professional reputation,” Christie said during an August press conference. “I was not going to let her loose to the animals.”

“That was an angry Chris Christie,” Maddow said. “So angry that he was doing something almost unprecedented in New Jersey: Yanking the tenure of a state Supreme Court justice, who he liked! That was an angry Chris Christie, furious with Senate Dems at a hastily called press conference that took place late in the day on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2013.”

As Maddow pointed out, the press conference was the evening before Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly, sent an email requesting “traffic problems in Fort Lee” to David Wildstein, one of Christie’s top aides at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which runs the bridge.

What’s more, Fort Lee is represented by Sen. Loretta Weinberg, the state Senate Democratic leader.

“Roughly 12 hours after Gov. Christie blows up at the Senate Democrats and torpedoes the career of a Supreme Court justice who he likes … the leader of those ‘animals’ in the Senate sees her district get the order of destruction from Gov. Christie’s deputy chief of staff,” Maddow concluded.

“Or maybe it was about that endorsement. Until someone who knows the actual truth about this speaks, it remains a wide-open question.”

Christie on Thursday denied any involvement in the bridge closing, blaming his staff.

See the extraordinary presentation on MSNBC…


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Conservatives Claim Rachel Maddow Not Sarah Palin Got Martin Bashir Fired From MSNBC

If conservatives are spreading this conspiracy, then it’s definitely not true


There is new conservative conspiracy floating around that claims Rachel Maddow is really running MSNBC, and that Maddow got Martin Bashir fired.

National Review Online reported,

Few, though, suspect that Harris-Perry will suffer the same fate as her less fortunate colleagues, and MSNBC declined to comment on the matter. That’s because Harris-Perry is part of Maddow’s in-crowd, the liberal, wonkish elite now ascendant at MSNBC. Photo of Rachel Maddow with her dog.

Sources say it is Maddow rather than Phil Griffin who provides MSNBC’s editorial direction, and that she also holds considerable sway over personnel decisions. “I know I’m never going to get freakin’ talking points from Phil,” Maddow told The New Yorker last year. “Can you imagine? Like, what would they be?”

Behind her back, colleagues call her “the queen,” a not so subtle suggestion that Maddow gets what Maddow wants. And what she wants is a network filled with young wonks such as Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Alex Wagner, and Harris-Perry, whose highbrow intellectualism can, she hopes, push the Democratic party, and the country, to the left. On Twitter, Harris-Perry’s show proudly uses the hashtag #nerdland. Alex Wagner’s move to the 4 p.m. hour, where Bashir’s show once aired, has Maddow’s fingerprints on it.

Griffin, who came of age as a sports producer at CNN and then as a booker on the Today show, is, according to a former colleague, “utterly non-ideological.” “He makes decisions,” says the former colleague, “based on 30-day trailing numbers” and lacks a strategic vision. Maddow, who came aboard in 2008, has filled the ideological void. “Alec Baldwin and Martin were outliers; they weren’t part of her inner circle,” says a television insider. “Bashir’s contract was up, he was twisting in the wind when this happened, and he was out of sync with Rachel’s ideology.

Maddow responded with a strong denial of the claims in the story, “This is categorically false. I have never had any role in any management decision at MSNBC. Any source who says otherwise is wrong.”

The NRO piece was based the premise that Maddow is the secret powerful ideologue who is really running the show at MSNBC. The story made a lot of claims that were not backed up with named sources, and was generally consumed by baseless speculation. The point of the article was to blame Maddow for all of MSNBC’s recent problems. Much of the article quoted unnamed sources, but the most unbelievable claim was that Maddow let Martin Bashir get fired/resigned from MSNBC.

The underlying point appeared to be that Sarah Palin didn’t get Bashir fired. Rachel Maddow did. Sarah Palin had nothing to do with Bashir’s departure. According to NRO, Maddow deserves the blame. If Bashir had been in Maddow’s inner circle, he would not have lost his job. In this tall tale, Sarah Palin was an innocent victim of Rachel Maddow’s quest to transform America with an ideological wonk army.

Maddow is the new progressive monster under the bed for conservatives. She is apparently all powerful, and out to transform America into a liberal utopia. Don’t believe the lamestream media, Republicans. Sarah Palin and her racist agenda aren’t the problem. The real threats to the American way of life are Rachel Maddow and MSNBC.


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Rachel Maddow – Right-wing rejects Mandela’s hero status

Maddown Up All Night via screencap

Rachel Maddow 12-11-2013 (Screencap)

The Raw Story

No matter how bad it seems for Democrats right now, said Rachel Maddow on her show Wednesday night, it’s worse for Republicans. In spite of the fact that the Obamacare roll-out was messy, the Republican Party right now is being roiled in an intense internecine civil war that is keeping the party completely paralyzed.

This week the U.S. Senate is having all-night sessions as the Republicans attempt to slow down voting on a clutch of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees.

“None of them are controversial,” Maddow said. “All of them are likely to be confirmed when their nomination comes up for a vote. But, Republicans have decided they’re going to take a really long time to do that.”

And, she added, the Republicans won’t get anything out of this political stunt that they wouldn’t get if they did nothing at all. The slowdown of voting is purely symbolic.

Senate Republicans are protesting the Democrats’ decision three weeks ago to dispense with the normal two-thirds’ majority needed for presidential nominations. Instead, now they only need a simple majority, action Democrats took in response to constant abuse of the filibuster by the GOP.

At the time of the vote, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell told Democrats, “You’ll regret this.”

Now, payback appears to be coming in the form of Republicans staying up past their bedtime.

“This is Mitch McConnell’s big idea?” Maddow asked.

“This was the Democrats’ whole idea,” she said, “to try to make clear that the Republicans are abusing the filibuster.”

“It’s amazing, it’s like he was hired by Democratic bloggers to illustrate what’s wrong with Republicans in the Senate right now,” she marveled.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s happening in the House of Representatives.

“If there is one thing to take more pleasure in than your opponent’s outraged display of his own impotence in defeat,” Maddow said, “it’s got to be the spectacle of your opponent being driven to his knees by infighting on his own side.”

In the House, “open warfare” has broken out between tea party Republicans and Republican Party stalwarts like Reps. John Boehner (R-OH) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), who are entering into a tentative budget deal with House Democrats.

This has outraged right-wing publications and pundits, who see any deal with Democrats as treachery and a danger to America.

Politico quoted Senate Conservatives Fund executive Director Matt Hoskins as saying, “John Boehner has apparently decided to join Mitch McConnell in the war on conservatives. McConnell called us fringe traitors who should be locked in a bar and punched in the nose, and now Boehner is lashing out at us too. Conservatives everywhere need to understand that the party’s leadership has declared war on them. If they don’t fight back, they will always regret it. We’re going to hang together or hang separately.”

All but cackling with delight, Maddow said, “Covering politics doesn’t get any better than this.”

Watch the video, embedded below:

Via MSNBC – The Rachel Maddow Show



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Rachel Maddow To GOP: You Broke It – You Brought It

For some, the post below this one may be too long to read.  I saw this segment of The Rachel Maddow Show last night in which she runs through the same thing as The Nation article…but with even more detail and information.  Enjoy…

Rachel Maddow reviews the years-long Republican plan to sabotage the Obama presidency at any cost, and talks with Ryan Grim, D.C. bureau chief for the Huffington Post, about House Speaker John Boehner’s struggle to find a way out of the government shutdown he allowed his party to force America into. ~ Licentiathe8th’s channel

Courtesy of the  The Rachel Maddow Show.


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Rachel Maddow – Pro-shutdown GOP ignorant to lessons of 95

A great segment from The Rachel Maddow Show last night…



This opening segment was just as informative.

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Maddow Tears Apart Ted Cruz for Praising ‘Racist’ Jesse Helms


Senator Ted Cruz raised more than a few eyebrows when he said the U.S. Senate could use “a hundred more like Jesse Helms” because Helms was known for harboring some pretty racist views. Rachel Maddow took the opportunity to remind viewers of those views to show exactly how crazy Cruz’s comments really were.

Maddow briefly went through the history of African-Americans serving in the U.S. Senate, and recounted the story of how black senator Carol Moseley-Braun was taunted by Helms once in a Senate elevator when he was singing “Dixie,” just to try and make her cry.  Maddow continued showing viewers exactly just how much Helms exploited racial division in his political career, even to the point where he opposed integration.

Which then led, of course, to Maddow showing the clip of Ted Cruz.

Maddow could barely contain how unbelievably stunned and just a little pissed off she was at Cruz suggesting that the Senate could use a hundred more people like a man who was whistling Dixie just to make his black colleague cry.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC (via You Tube):


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Rachel Maddow – New voting rules insulate NC Republicans from voter reprisal



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