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Meet the Press thought Romney had something worthwhile to say about ’63


From Kos’ Open Thread For Night Owls

Daily KosMeteor Blades

Ain’t it great? The idiots at “Meet the Press” were hard-pressed to come up with a “balanced” approach to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  So what did they do? They asked viewers to complete the sentence “I have a dream,” as if Martin Luther King Jr. had failed us on that score. Let Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars explain why NBC chose to exhibit Mitt Romney giving us his take on the subject:

So MTP viewers are treated to the odd and jarring juxtaposition of rapper Snoop Lion asking for safe communities with no guns to failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney asking for kids to be “great.”Not to put too fine a point on it, but WTF??? The figures that Meet the Press think can best speak to the civil rights fight are Snoop Lion and Mitt Romney?

The Mitt Romney who lied about seeing his dad march with MLK?

The Mitt Romney who claimed that Obama support was high because black people wanted more free stuff?

The Mitt Romney whose campaign was filled with racist dog-whistles?

The Mitt Romney who pandered to the racist birther movement?

The Mitt Romney who was a prominent member of a church that for the first 31 years of his life taught that black people were “cursed”and barred from the priesthood?

The mind reels, NBC.


Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2006VA-Sen: Frameshop: Allen At It Again, Winks At White Folks:

Adding insult to injury in the “macaca” affair, video cameras trained on George Allen’s latest apologies have captured yet another disturbing scene: Senator Allen winking at a room full of white folks before apologizing for his racism.The video in question was published in a Washington Post article by Michael D. Shear and Tim Craig (“Allen Calls Webb Aide, Apologizes For Remark” 24AUG06).

Just after the 1 minute mark in the video, Senator Allen responds to a question from the audience by saying “I want to be very careful about the words I use,” then winks and smiles at the all white, elderly crowd in Springfield, VA. In response to Allen’s wink and smile, the crowd erupted into laughter. In the next scene of the video, Allen apologies for the “macaca” incident saying, “From the deepest part of my heart, I am sorry and I will do better.”



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Rachel Maddow And David Gregory Destroy The GOP’s Last Argument Against Marriage Equality

I watched Meet The Press yesterday, which I rarely do since I’m not a David Gregory fan.   The look on  the conservatives’ faces when she spoke was priceless.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog in earlier posts, Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar and has a PhD. in political science.  In my opinion she’s one of the smartest news personalities on television today.

This article is long but I’m posting it in its entirety because it includes two videos.

Think Progress

Social conservatives came out in full force on NBC’s Meet The Press on the Sunday after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. Former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) of the Heritage Foundation and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) both claimed the court’s decision to recognize same-sex marriages sacrificed children’s well being — only to have their arguments promptly slapped down by MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and David Gregory.

DeMint said the court had privileged “the desires of adults” over “the best environment for children,” arguing that heterosexual marriage is “the environment where children can thrive and succeed.” Maddow immediately pointed out that this argument ignores the children of same-sex couples, who have up til now been treated as second-class citizens under the law:

Justice Kennedy addressed that issue specifically in his ruling. He says that by denying marriage rights to same-sex couples who have kids, you’re humiliating and demeaning those kids. By denying their families equal protection under the law by the parents who are raising them and who love them and who make their family. So we can put it in the interests of children, but I think that cuts both ways. And the ruling cuts against that argument. I mean, gay people exist. There’s nothing we can do in public policy can do to make more of us exist or less of us exist. And you guys for a generation have argued that public policy ought to demean gay people as a way of expressing disapproval of the fact that we exist. But you don’t make any less of us exist, you are just arguing for more discrimination. And more discrimination doesn’t make straight people’s lives any better.

Watch it:

Later in the program, Huelskamp tried to justify his introduction of a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage by touting debunked research that supposedly shows heterosexual parents are better for kids. Gregory challenged the congressman, insisting that he admit the research is bogus:

HUELSKAMP: As Senator DeMint did note, the research is very clear that the ideal way of raising our children should be the issue here, and that’s what we need to focus on in this debate.

GREGORY: Wait, but Justice Kennedy speaks to this. There’s also research that indicates that…you know, everyone talks about the interests of children.Children tend to prosper in homes where there is a loving marriage. There is really not evidence to suggest that if you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple that it makes one difference one way or the other.

HUELSKAMP: Well actually the research does not show that, actually the research is very clear as we have indicated here, but –

GREGORY: No, no. Everybody throws that out, but the research actually shows that in broken homes, it hurts the children. Which I think most people would say that would be true of same-sex couples or heterosexual couples. We don’t really know, do we? But we do have a sense that loving marriages provide a good family life for children, right?

Watch it:

Huelskamp ducked the debunk and again claimed that “the court decided the desires of adults should trump the needs of children.” Nevertheless, Gregory is correct that the research cited by marriage equality opponents actually has nothing to do with same-sex couples. In fact, the largest study of families with same-sex parents recently concluded these children are not only thriving, but even beat the national average for overall health and family cohesion.


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Things go Badly for Darrell Issa When David Gregory Fails to Be a GOP Shill

Darell Issa


Darrell Issa (R-CA) made a fool of himself on “Meet the Press” Sunday as he tried to defend his Benghazi conspiracy. David Gregory (R-TV) pushed back hard, even bringing up the GOP’s defending of security.

Issa even accused General David Petraeus of lying for the administration. As soon as Gregory would call Issa on one thing, he’d say he was investigating something else. Issa accused Tom Pickering of refusing to testify when in fact, Issa had not invited him to speak and Pickering was told that the Republican majority did not want him there. Issa ended up backtracking on that one, too, and it was super awkward when it came out that Issa never asked for him to appear. Turns out, Issa was just making inaccurate, unfounded accusations so as to falsely infuse his Benghazi hearings with nefarious dark secrets, because that is what Issa does for a living.

The worst news for Issa was that Gregory refused to be his usual GOP shill, which is an alarming indication that Republicans have pushed their Benghazi conspiracy one wingnut too far.

Watch here via NBC


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Obama To Appear Sunday On ‘Meet The Press’

Obama Meet The Press

This will be a rare occasion for the POTUS…

The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama will appear Sunday for an exclusive interview on “Meet the Press,” as fiscal cliff negotiations come down to the wire before the Dec. 31 deadline.

Obama didn’t sit for interviews on any of the Sunday public affairs shows while running for reelection in 2012. He last made the Sunday show rounds when pushing for health care reform in Sept. 2009.

“Meet the Press” host David Gregory, who sparked controversy and prompted a D.C. police investigation after holding up an empty gun magazine during last Sunday’s interview with National Rifle Association executive Wayne LaPierre, will return from vacation to conduct the interview with the president. NBC News has not commented on the police investigation.

Obama’s Sunday appearance will be his 11th on “Meet the Press” and second as president.

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Michele Bachmann’s ‘bombshell’ on a ‘hidden’ $105 billion

Michele Bachmann gets FOUR Pinocchios for this whopper!

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker

NBC – Meet The Press

“There was a Congressional Research Service report that just was issued in February, and we discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the ‘Obamacare’ legislation to fund the implementation of ‘Obamacare’. This is something that wasn’t known. This money was broken up, hidden in various parts of the bill.”
–Rep. Michele Bachmann, March 6, 2011

“This is a crime against democracy. No one knew that Harry Reid, [Nancy] Pelosi and Obama put $105 billion in spending in the bill. … This is a bombshell.”
–Bachmann, March 8, 2011

You have to give Rep. Michele Bachmann credit. The Minnesota Republican certainly knows how to command attention — and how to liven up a dreary discussion of the federal budget on the Sunday morning talk shows by holding up a sign that declares: “$105,464,000,000.”

Even in Washington, $105 billion is real money.

But her assertion raises questions. Is it possible for a major piece of legislation, carefully analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office before final passage, to “secretly” contain so much spending? Let’s find out.

The Facts

Bachmann is correct that there was a Congressional Research Service report issued in February, titled “Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” It is actually an update of an earlier report first issued in October.

In January, former Rep. Ernest Istook (R-Okla.) wrote an analysis of the October report for the Heritage Foundation, decrying what he saw as “an attempt to handcuff the current Congress” with directives on spending in future years. “Obamacare was designed to be the governmental equivalent of kudzu — growing everywhere, propagating by multiple means, and sinking in its roots and becoming impossible to control,” Istook wrote.

Here’s where it gets complicated. There is a total of $105 billion identified over 10 years in the CRS report, though only three programs, worth a little more than $25 billion, are funded the full 10 years.  Most of the other programs listed in the report are funded for just a year or two, or perhaps five years. If Congress wants to alter this spending, it will need to pass a new law.   Continued…

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Days After Voting For Government Shutdown, Bachmann Says ‘Nobody Wants A Shutdown’

Does anyone notice how Republicans lie with impunity?  They know that they will only be called out by Dems and their base simply won’t accept anything that Dems say, so hey, they continue to lie about the current administration and all things “progressive” with no fear of being exposed.  They just don’t care.  The message gets out to the millions they are targeting, so what’s a half-assed retraction or an apology a few days later?  It doesn’t bother them at all.

Also, facilitaors like David Gregory and others allow them to continue with their lies because they never call them out…

Think Progress

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) — chair of the House Tea Party Caucus and potential 2012 presidential candidate — said that she opposes a government shutdown. Gridlock during upcoming votes on federal budgets and the debt ceiling could lead to a shutdown, and host David Gregory asked Bachmann if she agreed with White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, who said earlier in the program he was “hopeful” a shutdown could be avoided. “Well, I’m hopeful,” Bachmann said. “I don’t think anyone wants to see the government shutdown.” Watch it:

This stance is consistent with Bachmann’s earlier public record on a government shutdown, which she has warned would be undesirable. “To me a shutdown is an admission of failure that we have not been able to come together and get our work done,” Bachmann told The Hill last month.

However, one obvious fact — that Gregory failed to mention — undercuts Bachmann’s anti-shutdown message. Only days ago, she opposed continued funding of the government because the funding bill did not completely remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood.   More…

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Michael Steele On Christine O’Donnell: ‘I’m Familiar With Foot In Mouth Disease’


RNC chair Michael Steele has been, unlike some members of his party, a supporter (albeit a tepid one) of Christine O’Donnell. This morning on Meet the Press David Gregory asked Steele about all the questionable attention some Tea Party candidates have been generating with some of their more flammable and/or mockable remarks.

Gregory: There’s been a lot of attention towards some of the Tea Party-backed candidates: Sharron Angle, speaking to Latinos in Nevada, or Ken Buck’s statement about gays on this program last week, or Christine O’Donnell, who has gotten so much attention, except for the fact that she’s so far behind in that senate race. She’s had misstatements or gaffes in her statements with Chris Coons.

 Folks make mistakes. Lord knows. I’m familiar with foot in mouth disease. I understand how that is sometimes. You get in the heat of the battle and you have the passion and fire in your belly and you really want to get out there and speak to the issues, speak to the people. you say things that don’t come out correctly. You create misperceptions. That happens a lot in campaigns on both sides. What really matters is how the voters receive that, how voters look at those candidates. Despite those flaws, if you will, of the misspoken word, people understand where their heart is. People understand these folks are going to go out there and fight for them. As I said a little bit earlier, David, this reality right now for people is that we want a leadership that’s going to listen to us. we want someone that’s going to take the fight to congress and not fight against us. whether it’s Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, whoever it happens to be, who has this ground swell of energy behind them, that’s what matters to the people right now.

The “reality” of this is also that O’Donnell is 11 points behind in the polls and Jerry Brown has doubled his lead over Whitman. Harry Reid, meanwhile, is reportedly already preparing for a possible recount with Sharron Angle.



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Rand Paul Cancels His Meet The Press Interview

I suppose one could say that after a harrowing week, Rand Paul is pulling a “palin”.

Think Progress

Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul has been lampooned in recent days for his radical anti-government views. First, he expressed opposition to parts of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. Today, he attacked President Obama’s criticism of BP as “un-American,” and refused to say whether or not the minimum wage is legal. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell joked that Paul is the “gift that keeps on giving.”

But he is giving no more. He “simply does not want to answer direct questions about the proper role of the Federal government in regulating the private sector,” the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent noted. “He visibly bristles when asked to clarify his views on these matters,” Sargent added.

After his upset victory Tuesday night, Paul agreed to appear on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday for what would surely be wide ranging interview that would delve into these issues.

 The Washington Post reports that Paul has indeed canceled because “he’s had a long week.” A Paul spokesperson explained, “Rand did Good Morning America today, set the record straight, and now we are done talking about it. … No more national interviews on the topic.” Paul joins Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar as the only guests to cancel a Meet the Press interview in recent history.

As MSNBC host Joe Scarborough told ThinkProgress today, referring to Paul’s embarrassing interview with fellow host Rachel Maddow, “if a politician can’t handle an interview, they can’t handle the Senate.”

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