Clarence Thomas Assailed For Alleged Ethical Lapses By More House Dems

It’s about time that more than just liberal bloggers and Anthony Weiner are noticing Justice Clarence Thomas’ ethics issues… The Huffington Post Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) is turning up the heat on Justice Clarence Thomas based on new information that builds upon previous reports of his alleged ethical lapses. In late September, Slaughter had sent a letter to […]

Rep. Slaughter Calls for ‘Retroactive Recusal’ of Justice Thomas to Overturn Citizens United

This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, regarding Justice Clarence Thomas’ tax evasion deception for several years. Crooks & Liars Rep. Louis Slaughter (D-NY) told Current TV’s Keith Olbermann Tuesday that a “retroactive recusal” of Justice Clarence Thomas could result in overturning the Citizens United case. Earlier this year, the liberal group Common […]

More Ethics Trouble for Clarence Thomas

Mother Jones If Clarence Thomas was hoping that liberals might just forget about his cozy ties to a Dallas real estate developer, or his failure for a decade to disclose the hundreds of thousands of dollars his wife earned from a conservative think tank, well, he would be wrong. As President Obama’s health care reform […]

Clarence Thomas Must Go

The very first sentence in this article by William Rivers Pitt has made me a fan and for the exact same reason that Mr. Pitt mentions: Clarence Thomas forced Anita Hill to endure the most sexist and demeaning treatment in public by his fellow GOP idealogues that I have ever seen.  Then there was the bizarre act of Justice […]

Thomas’ ethical problems in the spotlight

I, for one, will continue to keep this issue in the spotlight on this blog.   I still believe that it is the backstory of the Anthony Weiner fiasco that everyone including, nay, especially the main stream media, ignored. As an Anthony Weiner advocate (I used to live in Queens, but not in his district, so […]