Tea Party star defends absurdly racist campaign flyer

This guy is back… Salon Joe Miller’s second attempt to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate is going even worse than the first If you spent all of last weekend blissfully living your life without even once coming face-to-face with a campaign flyer depicting Latino people as menacing gangsters covered in tattoos, you probably don’t […]

Lisa Murkowski goes rogue

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)  was shunned by her own party when they “primaried” her in favor of Joe Miller.  It was considered one of the biggest political defeats of the year.  However, her stunning write-in victory nullified her defeat.  She has emerged the winner in the now infamous Alaska Senate seat battle, leaving Joe Miller to lick his […]

Joe Miller Loses Election Challenge

It’s finally over in the Alaska Senate election challenge.  Joe Miller is out and Lisa Murkowski is officially the winner of that race… The Daily Beast One wonders if this guy just has nothing better to do. An Alaska Superior Court judge ruled against Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Miller on Friday, rejecting the claim that […]

Murkowski Campaign: Joe Miller Shows ‘A Disregard For The Truth’

For most progressives and independents, Joe Miller has been “stretching” the truth since he won the Alaska Republican Primary under the Tea Party platform. Huffington Post A state court judge has moved a lawsuit over Alaska’s still-disputed U.S. Senate race from Fairbanks to the state capital, Juneau. Judge Douglas Blankenship said Monday that the case […]

Joe Miller Fights Alaska Senate Election Results, Insists It’s Not ‘Impossible’ For Him To Win

Joe Miller is the epitome of arrogance. Huffington Post Alaska Republican Joe Miller made clear on Thursday that he has no intention of conceding in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race despite rival candidate incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski being declared the winner of the drawn-out election earlier this week and calls mounting for the embattled contender to admit […]

Lisa Murkowski Defeats Joe Miller In 2010 Alaska Senate Race

Sara Palin’s candidate did not win the Alaskan senatorial race.  Why am I so happy that a Republican won?  Well, because ANYTHING is better than another Tea Party candidate in the Senate.  Especially one hand-picked by the “grizzly momma” herself. Huffington Post Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Wednesday became the first Senate candidate in more than […]

Miller’s Lawyers Call It Quits

Oh this is sweet!  I’m not a Lisa Murkowski fan, not in the least.  However, if it comes down to the lesser of two evils, Murkowski is my choice. Buh Bye, Joe Miller! Daily Beast As Alaska’s write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski’s lead grows—98 percent of written ballots are clearly for the incumbent—Tea Party challenger Joe Miller’s […]