When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View?

Good question. I also, I wonder why “the stupid” is more prevalent within the GOP than anywhere else?  Joe Barton is the same Representative who apologized to BP for being charged with a $20 Billion claims fund after the spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  He called it a shakedown.  That’s the guy who is the […]

Is the GOP Sincere in Denouncing its Bigots?

Good question… Alternet There has been an outcry from some GOP members concerning GOP bigotry. But the sea change may be much less than meets the eye. In a week’s time the wide range of what was once considered routine GOP bigotry was on full display. Dave Agema, a former West Michigan state representative, and […]

On Peter King, Republicans, Fleas…and Marco Rubio

I’m such a fan of Mario Piperni’s work… Mario Piperni GoldenBoy Marco Rubio shows up in New York to fundraise and one of the state’s Reps, Republican Peter King, protests. “Guys like Marco Rubio in Florida. All the money that your people have gotten in Florida over the years from every hurricane that came along. And […]

Todd Akin’s Greatest Hits

As most of you know, this blog is about “sorting out the crazies”.  Todd Akin may be at the top of the list in the GOP Crazies category. TPMDC An untold number of Americans first met Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) — the GOP’s nominee to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) — on Sunday, after he […]

All In Favor Of Public Hangings, Say “Aye”

As usual Mario Piperni sees things more clearly and logically than the Republicans he draws in his illustrations.   He writes about their weird and sometimes crazy antics and depicts it perfectly with his drawings. There’s no secret that I am a die-hard Piperni fan.  Here’s yet another example… Mario Piperni From the compassionate conservative […]