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Rupert Murdoch Admits That “Fair And Balanced” Fox News Is A Shill That “Saved” The GOP

Fox News Has Saved The GOP, Murdoch Proclaims

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Rupert Murdoch claimed he saved the Republican Party ‘absolutely’ – Fox News just another branch of the GOP.

Addicting Info

Can Fox News please stop with their oxymoron catch phrase “fair and balanced?” In an interview with Patricia Sellers for Fortune Magazine, while responding to the question on whether he believed Fox News’ polarizing rhetoric for GOP has harmed America’s leading conservative party, Murdoch pushed back, saying, “I think it has absolutely saved it.”

The exchange:

Fortune: “Does it bother you at all, Rupert, that there is a view that Fox News has contributed in a big way to the political discontent in the U.S., degraded the political process, and maybe, in spotlighting the Tea Party, even hurt the Republican Party?”

Murdoch: “It has certainly given voice and hope to people who didn’t like all that liberal championing thrown at them on CNN. I think it has absolutely saved it. It has certainly given voice and hope to people who didn’t like all that liberal championing thrown at them on CNN. “

Murdoch also had some strong words about Fox News’s role on the Tea Party;

“By the way, we don’t promote the Tea Party. That’s bullshit. We recognize their existence.”

Murdoch’s claims are not so far fetched. According to a Gallup Poll , sixty six percent of Fox News viewers are over the age of 50. Sixty nine percent of those who are over the age of 50 are married. Furthermore, Fox News viewers are more likely than CNN/MSNBC viewers to be white, Protestant, and male who attend church weekly, and earn an income over $75,000 a year. A staggering 66% ofcore Fox News viewers identified themselves as Republicans, and 94% of overall Fox viewers identified or leaned Republican.

Look back at the 2012 election results as compared to Fox News viewership:

  • 52% of men voted for Mitt Romney versus 48% voted for John McCain
  • 56% of people 65+ voted for Mitt Romney versus 53% voted for John McCain
  • 59% of white people voted for Mitt Romney (between 59-61 percent of whites between the ages of 18-65+ voted for Republican Mitt Romney) versus 55% voted for John McCain
  • 58% of people who attended church weekly voted for Mitt Romney

Over the next four years, as Fox’s ratings have gotten higher (with the exception of a drop in 2013 of 5%), their targeted audience has gotten more Republican.

Here’s also the kicker: when it comes to measuring President Obama’s approval rating based on the viewership of Fox and CNN, 97% of Fox News Viewers disapprove of the president, and only 1% approve. On the other hand, with CNN, 40% disapprove, whereas 57% approve. That survey, from the same Gallup Poll, was conducted in June 2013.

The gap between disapproval and approval is much wider in Fox than it is with the “liberal” CNN. Maybe that’s a hint that CNN allows their viewers a more open and honest dialogue in the political discourse in our country. But Murdoch is right when he says Fox News has saved the Republican Party. Without their fanatical anti-Obama, anti-Hillary Clinton rhetoric, Republicans would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to scrape together support.

According to a Pew Center report, respondents feel that opinion fills 85% of MSNBC’s time slot, whereas only 55% occupies Fox News’s time slot.

MSNBC does usher in their opinion, but they make no secret of it. Nor do they claim to be “fair and balanced.” They don’t make up their facts, either. Nor do they discard facts that don’t fit into their philosophy.

Rupert Murdoch claims Fox News “saved” the GOP, because, according to their viewers, only white, protestant old men can save the GOP now.


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Fox News Host Calls NCAA Champs ‘NAACP Champs’ Because…You Know, Black People


Liberals Unite

Of course it was a silly mistake that Heather Childers of Fox & Friends quickly corrected after being bonked on the head by one of the crew after they cut away to the clip, but it sorta does reflect on the mindset, don’tcha think?

After all, it’s almost always black folks running around shooting hoops, isn’t it, Heather?

H/t: Ted


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O’Reilly Confronts Geraldo over His MH370 ‘Lunacy’

It’s a slow Saturday so for now, all I’ve got is this…(LOL)


Bill O’Reilly has established himself as perhaps the biggest critic of the cable news MH370 coverage on TV right now, and on Friday night he brought on Geraldo Rivera to confront him about his “lunacy” on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane. On Fox & Friends Friday morning, Rivera said it was likely the plane was hijacked and then landed somewhere in order to pick up a “secret passenger.”

O’Reilly wasted no time in laughing at Rivera, remarking that he “put forth some lunacy” and asking why in the hell he would do that. Rivera insisted, “It’s not a theory about aliens and black holes, it’s true!”

When Rivera said he knows what likely happened to the plane, O’Reilly asked, “Did you go to the psychic? Did she tell you?”

Rivera explained that there was likely a maintenance issue, “smoldering fire in the tire,” and when they were in the air it “ignited a fire” and as they were trying to land they were “overcome by smoke inhalation.” After listening to Rivera, O’Reilly told viewers, “You’ll never get those two minutes back, ladies and gentlemen.”

Watch the video below, via Newscenter


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Fox’s Chris Wallace Shunned by White House for 2nd Week in a Row

Fox News’ Chris Wallace

To that I say, good for the White House communications team.  Fox News has proven time and time again that it has an agenda against President Obama and his policies.  Undoubtedly that agenda includes giving their loyal viewers what they want to see…Fox News bashing the President of the United States and/or his cabinet members.


Last week, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace was peeved that National Security Advisor Susan Rice appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, but not on his show — perhaps, he suggested, due to the fact that he would have asked her the “tough questions” about Benghazi.

This week, it was John Kerry who left Wallace hanging, as the Secretary of State appeared onMeet the PressThis Week With George Stephanopoulos, and Face the Nation to discuss Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula — but skipped Wallace’s show.

RELATED: Rep. Mike Rogers: ‘Putin’s Playing Chess, We’re Playing Marbles’

“For the record, we invited Secretary of State Kerry to join us today,” Wallace said, “but although the White House put him out on all the other broadcast Sunday shows, they declined to make him available to us, or you.”

Wallace then pivoted right to House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-CA), who spent the entire next segment discussing last summer’s IRS investigation.

Watch the short clip below, via Fox News:



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Coulter Battles Hannity over Tea Party: It’s Being Taken Over by ‘Shysters and Con Men!’


Ann Coulter sat down with Sean HannityWednesday night to talk about the birth of the tea party movement five years ago this week (borne from and whether it still has the same kind of power and influence it did years ago, most prominently when a tea party wave helped bring in a Republican House in 2010.

And while the two agreed the tea party is still a big force, Coulter immediately went after people she believes are manipulating tea partiers for their own benefit, “tricking Americans to send them money.” She said these tea partiers keep railing against the establishment GOP with the risk of tanking their chances of taking back the Senate.

Hannity shot back that they’re just sticking to principle, but Coulter insisted you can’t repeal Obamacare if you don’t first take control of Congress. She shouted, “Fight to give them a majority, then we will repeal Obama and have Keystone!”

She concluded that there are “shysters and con men” ruining the tea party, and no one should donate a penny to them if they have any interest in helping the cause of the Republican party.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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Fox Anchor Slams CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘What a Pompous, Pretentious Jerk’

I’m not a Don Lemon fan, but as I see it:  what’s good for the Fox News goose is good for the CNN gander…


Before the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial was announced Saturday (found guilty of four charges, including second-degree murder, but a hung jury on the question of first-degree), CNN’s Don Lemon very clearly expressed on the air how outraged he was at the whole thing, saying it should be a very clear, open-and-shut case for the jury. Today Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett fired back with some pretty personal barbs aimed at Lemon and his knowledge of the law.

Jarrett blasted Lemon for lacking objectivity about the case and called it “pathetic” that Lemon would feel personally affected by the case. He said, “The sum total of what Lemon knows about the law and this case… could be written on the head of a pin. And there would be plenty of space left over.”

He concluded by tweeting, “What a pompous, pretentious jerk.”

Here’s the entirety of Jarrett’s Twitter tirade:

UPDATE: Lemon responded on Twitter later in the day to Jarrett’s tweeting, telling him to mind his business.

– –
Yesterday Lemon said he was “absolutely pissed” about the trial on the air.

You can watch that clip  via Mediaite here…


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Seen on the Internet 2-5-2014

H/t: Media Matters for America




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Obama Talks Health Care In Bill O’Reilly Interview

Obama Bill O'Reilly Interview


Fox News full interview video

I understand that Bill O’Reilly’s questions pertained to the IRS, Benghazi and Obamacare, the three issues that prompts the Right Wing base to have a feeding frenzy.

The Huffington Post

Ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII, President Barack Obama addressed the botched health care rollout in an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

“I think we all anticipated that there would be glitches,” Obama said. “I don’t think I anticipated or anybody anticipated the degree of the problems with the website.”

The president celebrated the fact that three million Americans have signed up for Obamacare since its implementation last fall.

O’Reilly repeatedly asked Obama why Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of Health and Human Services, hasn’t been fired since the enrollment website faced such a tumultuous rollout.

“My main priority right now is making it sure it delivers for the American people,” Obama said. “I promise you we’ve held everybody up and down the line accountable.”

The Fox News host then asked whether repeatedly telling Americans that, if they liked their health care plan, they could keep it under the new health care law, was “the biggest mistake of his presidency.”

“This is one I regret and I’ve said I regretted,” said Obama.

Obama participates in an interview with the network airing the Super Bowl every year. In the past, he’s sat down with Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Scott Pelley.


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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly beginning to sound desperate on impeachment


Oh, Fox.

This article is not a duplicate of the Rachel Maddow post directly below…

Daily Kos

Even for a Fox News host, Megyn Kelly’s eagerness to talk about maybe impeaching the president because reasons has gotten a bit desperate-sounding. I realize the entire point of the network is to give retired or unemployed conservatives something to occupy themselves with during the long, dull day—preferably, content that will avoid the sticky questions of why their chosen party seems bent on making their lives a living hell—but still; the promised post-Glenn-Beck transition into more credible-sounding malarkey seems to have hit some serious snags.

So here we see Fox host Megyn Kelly leaning hard on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with regard to the tyranny of presidential recess appointments, i.e. all this “presidential overreach” that has been going around.

[T]he question is whether beyond this case, what is perceived by some as presidential overreach, really can be resolved, in your view, by the courts. [...]We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, OK, so when that happens, when you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options. And the main one that has been used historically is: try to impeach him! I mean, is that ever considered – as opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?

Oh, Fox News. Always looking for someone to jump through a few more flaming hoops on their motorcycle.

So here’s my question: Is Megyn Kelly so eager to see the president impeached because she really believes it to be a fine thing to do, or is she just itching for it because Oh My God Think Of The Ratings? Hmm. No, it is probably more likely that she doesn’t consider it a serious possibility for a moment, and is just doing the necessary jingling of keys in her audience’s blank little faces. Telling them that Obama might be impeached or that we really are just this close to getting rid of Obamacare or that Benghazi! was a conspiracy by Hillary Clinton and the lizard people certainly makes for much a happier conservative show than having to deal with more rote concerns like unemployment or how shuttering the entire government did not work out that well after all.


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fox news roger ailes

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes poses at Fox News studio in New York in this 2006 file photo. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Huffington Post

How Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Tried To Win Republicans The White House

Around 5 p.m. on Election Day 2012, Fox News chief Roger Ailes realized that Mitt Romney would not make it to the White House. “Thank you, Chris Christie,” Ailes groused.

Ailes was frustrated that the New Jersey governor appeared alongside President Barack Obama days earlier to survey the damage of Hurricane Sandy. When Ailes was told polling data suggested the incident hadn’t hurt the Republican Party’s chances, he responded: “Well, hugging the guy couldn’t help people feel good about Romney, either.”

This wasn’t how the race was supposed to end. During an afternoon meeting before the 2010 midterm elections, Ailes told executives he wanted “to elect the next president.”

Fox News already ruled the ratings and boasts annual earnings of around $1 billion. Most network chiefs would be ecstatic. But Ailes isn’t like most –- or really, any -– other top cable news executives. A visionary in the world of political messaging on television, Ailes had advised three past Republican presidents on how to use the medium to their advantage. And now he planned to use his talents for the party once more.

With the exception of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Ailes had privately knocked the 2008 Republican field as the “seven dwarves” and wasn’t impressed with the crop of 2012 contenders. He unsuccessfully tried twice to convince Christie to run in 2012 and sent an emissary to Afghanistan with hopes that Gen. David Petraeus would enter the race.

During a meeting at Fox, Ailes told candidate Jon Huntsman, who had a solid conservative record as Utah governor, he was “not of our orthodoxy” because of his views on climate change. He grew frustrated with Fox News contributor Sarah Palin, who ended up sitting out the 2012 race, and had misgivings about the party’s eventual nominee, Mitt Romney. Ailes once privately told a Fox host that Romney is “like Chinese food — 20 minutes after you eat it, you can’t remember what you had.”

How Ailes tried to get a Republican president elected in 2012 is revealed in The Loudest Voice In The Room, author Gabriel Sherman’s sweeping biography of the television luminary, from his humble Warren, Ohio, roots to becoming the “most powerful opposition figure in the country.” The book will be on sale Tuesday.

Sherman recalls Ailes’ early days as a young hot-shot producer on the “Mike Douglas Show” and his entrance into politics in 1968 as a media adviser to then-presidential candidate Richard Nixon, who had faltered eight years earlier in the first televised president debate against the telegenic John F. Kennedy. Sherman exhaustively covers Ailes’ career, from an upstate New York newspaper war to building the lucrative cable network where his TV instincts, ability to frame political narratives and conservative worldview all coalesced: Fox News.

Continue reading here…


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