“All it takes is one good guy….with 31 guns….” – ‘Robbers Tie Up Good Guy Gun Owner, Steal Entire Arsenal Of 31 Guns + Ammo’


So much for the “one good guy…” They tied his butt up!!!

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:

gun nuts2

gun nuts3

31 frickin guns.

And he STILL didn’t stop the 3 robbers.

31 frickin guns……..

Guess he needed 32.

THAT would have ‘protected’ his home.

‘On July 2, 2014, three bad guys with guns broke into the home of a Pennsylvania man, also the owner of what most people would consider to be an absurdly massive number of guns. Did the good guy with guns stop the bad guys with guns? Of course not’.

‘The bad guys kicked in the door of the unidentified man’s home, then pointed their guns at him.’ Then they tied him up, ransacked the house and helped themselves to 31 guns from his large stockpile of weapons’.

‘The criminals made off with an AK-47, multiple handguns, assorted rifles, a gaggle of shotguns, plus several other semi-automatic weapons and a stockpile of ammunition to go along with them’.

‘Wait, all those guns in the home and…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. The responses I get and usually do, are form those that say the good guy wan’t using his guns the right way.
    I guess that you’re suppose to be ‘packing’ all the time when your home.

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