Watch: Westboro Baptists lasted one minute in Oklahoma before they were run out of town

Freakout Nation

The good people of Oklahoma were ready for the Westboro Baptist Church members who were set to picket an elementary school that was obliterated by a tornado in which several children died last year. The cult members showed up outside of the school just a few minutes after 2:00 p.m. only to be met with a crowd of about 2,000 counter-protesters on the opposite side of the street.



Hundreds of counter-protesters began to cross the street. At that point, police had to quickly escort the Westboro Baptists off the premises. No arrests were made.


The cult members were set to picket Moore Liquor store yesterday, but the Westboro Baptists were a no-show. In contrast, some bikers with ‘The Horsemen’ and other counter-protesters were there waiting for them.

I don’t think the Westboro Baptists will go back to Oklahoma any time soon.


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