‘Just saying’: Fox News host compares missing Flight 370 to Benghazi

Andrea Tantaros Fox

This was inevitable…after all, it’s Fox News.

The Raw Story

A Fox News host compared the search for a missing airliner to the conservative network’s never-ending examination of the Benghazi massacre.

After showing reactions by family members of passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 on Thursday evening’s “The Five,” host Kimberly Guilfoyle imagined what they must be going through.

“Imagine if you’re one of those family members and you know that another country has the means, has the ability, has the economic wherewithal to actually get this investigation going in the right direction,” she said, “where you can get some answers for these poor people, how frustrating. It’s like having a cure for a disease and you just can’t reach out and take it.”

Co-host Andrea Tantaros agreed.

“Watching the footage, and watching the footage of that Malaysian woman that was being played over and over last night, it’s just so sad,” Tantaros said. “But think how long it took for them to get this kind of media attention. Living in Malaysia, the government seemingly ignored these people, they didn’t want their stories to get out, they weren’t talking to them.”

She warned co-host Bob Beckel, the show’s Democratic foil, to plug his ears with his fingers.

“They were saying, ‘No one has come to my house, no one has told me what has happened,” Tantaros said. “Bob, get ready, put these in your ears. Feels like the families of Benghazi, just saying. And we’re better than that.”

Watch this video clip of the exchange posted online by OnlyPlaceForNewsHERE


  1. Feb 2003 a Fla Appeals Ct agreed w/FOX tht there are no rules against distorting or falsifying the news. They sure took this to heart. I believe Roger Ayles gets a “catch” word from Frank Luntz the Repub Word Man, then memos his crew to repeat this word over & over and as often as possible… i.e. Benghazi, fleckless, worthlessness, king, ineffective, etc. From the FOX propaganda ch to the right wing politicians that go in front of a microphone or camera use tht word…. Jon Stewart has a great segement where he flashes a sound byte on everyone using that particular word… like they had a Spock mind meld……. really tells a lot about the substance of their program.


    1. Judy, perhaps there are no rules against distorting or falsifying the news because FOX is considered a comedy station and NOT a news source. Just s’posin’…


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