Brewer denies she’s decided to veto Arizona anti-gay bill

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer speaks after signing an expansion of the state's Medicaid program into law, at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix June 17, 2013. Brewer signed a law on Monday to expand Medicaid, embracing a key part of Democratic President B

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

Will people call Jan Brewer “The Wicked Witch of the South-West” if she signs the anti-gay bill on her desk?  I know I will…

Daily Kos

Sources close to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer keep saying she’s going to veto the bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers or basically anyone else they claimed to object to for religious reasons. But Brewer’s office is denying that she’s made any decision at all:

“Governor Brewer hasn’t yet made a decision,” a Brewer spokesperson said in an email to Business Insider Tuesday. “The Senate transmitted its bill to our office yesterday while the Governor was in DC. When she returns, she will take the time necessary to thoroughly review and evaluate the legislation before taking action.”

But don’t worry, she’ll do the right thing:

I assure you, as always, I will do the right thing for the State of Arizona. #SB1062
— @GovBrewer

Even if she ultimately vetoes it, Brewer is intentionally taking time to play footsie with the hardcore bigots, showing that she takes their wishes very, very seriously. This is a two-page bill that’s been pretty thoroughly and publicly reviewed and discussed, and Brewer has a staff for evaluating legislation. This is not one person poring over hundreds of pages of dense legal text by candlelight, needing extra time to know what she’s getting herself and her state into. This is Brewer dragging it out so that the people who are pissed about whatever she does on the bill know that she Listened To Them And Heard Their Concerns. And what that boils down to is that Jan Brewer could not look at a bill that would give businesses the right to deny service to people because they’re gay or Muslim and just say “I’m vetoing this.” That in itself is not “doing the right thing for the State of Arizona.”

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed similar legislation last year. We can make her do it again—but if you’re a resident of Arizona, she needs to hear from you. Please sign and send a message directly to Jan Brewer’s office.


  1. My guess is “She’ll never sign it!” Arizona scratches hard for every tourist/traveler dollar they can get. I believe Brewer is (barely) smart enough to realize her voters love money more than they hate homosexuals! The legislators have made their point, and they almost certainly know Brewer will bail them out.


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