Fox Anchor Slams CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘What a Pompous, Pretentious Jerk’

I’m not a Don Lemon fan, but as I see it:  what’s good for the Fox News goose is good for the CNN gander…


Before the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial was announced Saturday (found guilty of four charges, including second-degree murder, but a hung jury on the question of first-degree), CNN’s Don Lemon very clearly expressed on the air how outraged he was at the whole thing, saying it should be a very clear, open-and-shut case for the jury. Today Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett fired back with some pretty personal barbs aimed at Lemon and his knowledge of the law.

Jarrett blasted Lemon for lacking objectivity about the case and called it “pathetic” that Lemon would feel personally affected by the case. He said, “The sum total of what Lemon knows about the law and this case… could be written on the head of a pin. And there would be plenty of space left over.”

He concluded by tweeting, “What a pompous, pretentious jerk.”

Here’s the entirety of Jarrett’s Twitter tirade:

UPDATE: Lemon responded on Twitter later in the day to Jarrett’s tweeting, telling him to mind his business.

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Yesterday Lemon said he was “absolutely pissed” about the trial on the air.

You can watch that clip  via Mediaite here…


  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™ and commented:
    For the very first time in my life, I was able to actually watch the pompous pretentious jerk Don Lemon, without needing to throw up or throw something at him. Fox Spews can kiss my Black ass, bout time a racist caucasian piece of shit killer was convicted of his crimes.


  2. Come on, Jueseppi, let it out! Tell us how you really feel. LOL
    Well said –no use beating around the ‘bush’ (I hate that word). More people should ‘call it like it is.’ Political correctness is (almost) always better at a dinner party, but in the legal and political realms the legalese pig-poop can cloud the issue.


  3. I’m no Don Lemon fan either, but I nevertheless appreciated his genuine outrage over the Dunn developments. Obviously, however, FOX news was more far, far, more offended by Don Lemon than by Michael Dunn. Think about that for a while.


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