Evening Blog Roundup – 12-4-2013

Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC following Palin comment. [MSNBC]

ISO: The best political books of 2013

GOP Rep.: Nuke Iran If War Is Necessary

Newtown 911 calls: Shooting heard in background

Supreme Court dismisses challenge to Obamacare mandate

Martin Bashir Resigns From MSNBC Following Palin Comment

GOP Candidate Spoofs Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’ in Anti-Obamacare Ad

Texas School Board Opts For Textbooks With Evolution And Climate Change

Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

Texas principal bans Hispanic students from speaking Spanish to ‘prevent disruptions’

House Republicans hold hearing to decide how often they can say ‘impeachment’ before looking crazy



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