Once Again, a Black Person Is Shot and Killed While Looking for Help

There’s no rationale for this sort of behavior…


Less than two months after Charlotte police shot and killed an unarmed man who was trying to find help after having a car accident, a woman is dead in Michigan under similar circumstances, shot in the head while reportedly searching for assistance late Friday night.

Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old from Detroit, is presumed to have been asking for help when she knocked on the door of a Dearborn Heights home at 2:30 A.M. on Saturday. McBride’s family says McBride had been in a car accident and her cellphone was dead.  Rather than offering shelter to McBride, however, the homeowner came out and shot her in the head with a shotgun. The buckshot entered McBride’s head from the back, according to statements from her aunt, as the girl had already turned to walk or run away from the home. Police reports say the teenager was found dead on the home’s front porch.

While the initial stories around McBride’s death dubbed it a “possible case of self-defense gone wrong,” today police sent a request to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office asking for charges to be filed against the unnamed resident who shot McBride.

“He shot her in the head … for what? For knocking on his door,” McBride’s aunt told the Detroit News. “If he felt scared or threatened, he should have called 911.”

Michigan’s self-defense act, which bears a resemblance to Florida’s infamous stand-your-ground law, says that an individual “may use deadly force against another individual anywhere he or she has the legal right to be with no duty to retreat” as long as that person “honestly and reasonably” believes deadly force is necessary to prevent imminent death, great bodily harm, or sexual assault.


      1. THANKS, Dr. Rex.
        Once a person passes the age of 65, things like this seem to become easier to see. I find that by age 82, they have approached crystal clarity.


  1. These laws are sick, twisted and disgusting. The homeowner simply wanted to know what it felt like to murder someone and took the opportunity when he had it.

    There is no peace for this young woman with her life before her. There is no peace for her family.

    There is no peace for our society until such time as we change these monsterous laws.


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