Wednesday Blog Roundup – 11-06-2013

5 things we learned from Election Night

Analysis: Post-shutdown, pragmatism is in

Illinois House and Senate pass gay marriage!

Interest in Obamacare rises despite snags: poll

Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia Governor Race

De Blasio Is Elected New York City Mayor in Landslide

BREAKING: Hawaii House Committees Advance Marriage Equality Legislation

Washington Times Ends Rand Paul’s Weekly Column After Plagiarism Charges

Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives

Denise Robbins: Media Ignore Study Finding Ocean Warming 15 Times Faster Than In Past 10,000 Years


      1. I’m glad you posted it. People need to think about miigating the losses, because the pollution is not going to stop. First thought: Do not buy property in coastal lowlands! Leave ‘high and dry” ground for your descendants…


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