MSNBC Chris Hayes Explains Obamacare For Dummies Fox & Friends


With the opening of state health insurance mere days away, and an apocalyptic fight over de-funding Obamacare raging in Congress, attention to the Affordable Care Act is at an all-time high, while accurate information about it remains at an all-time low in certain quarters. On Friday night,All In with Chris Hayes host Chris Hayes held a brief For Dummies-style tutorial for Fox & FriendsSteve Doocy, and called out his rival for failing to do his job.

Hayes introduced the segment with a clip from his Thursday night interview with Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) in which the Congresswoman elicits priceless reactions of earnest dismay from Hayes with her rapid-fire delivery of Obamacare disinformation. Then, accompanied by a graphic of a For Dummies book entitled “Obamacare for Fox & Friends” (get it? They’re dummies!), proceeded to correct some of the show’s misimpressions about the law.

He played a clip of Steve Doocy complaining about a delay, until November, in the implementation of online small business health insurance exchanges, which Hayes patiently explained is not the end of the world, since the plans don’t go into effect until January 1. “That’s like complaining you haven’t gotten your hamburger yet from a restaurant that doesn’t open until next freaking week,” Hayes said.

The key point here, though, is that health insurance is complicated, and in critiquing F&F, Hayes generously allows that their confusion may be genuine. Being confused about health insurance doesn’t make you a dummy, it just makes you like most people. It’s an incredibly complex subject, and much more difficult to explain than complain about. It’s also incredibly important. That’s why the news media, in fulfilling its duty to inform the public, has a higher than normal responsibility to bring clarity to the issue.

As Hayes put it, “Laws are big and often complicated, and it is genuinely difficult to figure out the details. They’re confusing, and what might happen in the future is difficult to predict. But that’s what those of us in the news media are paid to do.”

If that’s the case, then precious few of them are earning that paycheck.

Here’s the clip, from All In with Chris Hayes:


  1. I totally agree that….Riddle Me This?….Why can’t the GOP and all who are against the Presidents Health Care Act wait and how this all plays out once the health care changes get going, then we can have a better picture of what area’s work and don’t work. Another shameful act the GOP is using is making Seniors scared using terms like “Death Panels”…..REALLY?
    All they (GOP) are doing is crying in there Soup because they are ONLY USING the new health care as a Hostage to get there WAY on many other issues…….AND THAT’S why nothing is getting done in congress.

    They are acting like overpaid, over-powered CHILDREN! They are stuck in the “ME SYNDROME”, instead of doing the work OF THE PEOPLE who voted them in the first place….THE PEOPLE……AMERICANS WHO thought they would fight for them in Congress. I say to the people….VOTE them all back out and see HOW MUCH gets done!

    Author, Catherine Lyon


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