Jon Stewart Calls Out Employers Cheating Obamacare And Screwing Over Workers

The Huffington Post

As the dawn of Obamacare draws near, right-wing panic over the Affordable Care Act has reached a boiling point, with more lies and misconceptions about the law being tossed around to divert attention from its benefits. And on last night’s “Daily Show,” Jon Stewart called out employers who are taking advantage of loopholes that allow them to cheat employers by paying a penalty rather than giving their workers a living wage.



  1. Well I for one AM glad all of the Obama’s Health care is going into effect! When my husband and I BOTH lost are jobs in the crash of the economy, we had NO health Ins. The cobra was outrageous, and my health problems and meds prevented me from even getting APPROVED by any Ins company.
    A Federal program was offered through the New Health care act, and it is help paying our OUTRAGEOUS Premiums! If it wasn’t for the President,
    we wouldn’t have ANY Coverage……
    I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! For the Health Care Act! There are thousands like me who kept being DENIED coverage due to our Mental/Emotional illness & Disorders due to the meds we have to take to be able to function like a Normal person, what ever Normal is…..and that is unfair! So now that all the Health Care Act will be put into place, Insurance companies can NO longer do this. I say, “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME”!

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


    1. Exactly, Catherine–similar situation for me and my family. I wish those who criticize Obamacare would for once acknowledge that the health care system before health care reform was a very broken one.


  2. Thank you, I am so tired of Obamacare getting blamed when it’s the employers screwing their workers over. The corporations were cutting benefits and jobs before Obamacare ever came into existence. This has been a long-term trend.


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