Three dead, three injured as gunman opens fire on town hall meeting in Pennsylvania

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Needless to say this will not sway Pennsylvanians to implement a gun-control program.  That’s never going to happen…

The Raw Story

A shooting during a town hall meeting in northeastern Pennsylvania has left three people dead and three others are in critical condition, according to local media reports.

“All I saw was the holes go through the hall,” said Pocono Record reporter Chris Reber, who was at the meeting in the Ross Township municipal building. “I saw smoke and plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls.”

The shooter had a pistol with a scope and starting shooting through the walls. He shot several people and then went to his car to retrieve another weapon.

The gunman was reportedly shot with his own weapon after being tackled by West End Open Space Commission Executive Director Bernie Kozen. The shooter was taken into custody when police arrived.

State troopers have reportedly secured the home of Rockne Newell, but refuse to confirm whether Newell was the shooting suspect. Newell had a history of disputes with the Ross Township Board of Supervisors over the condition of his property.

“I need to clean up & I need a lawyer,I have no place to go and my 2 rescue dogs will be put to sleep because no one else will take them,” Newell wrote on the website Give Forward.

Newell, a self-proclaimed junk collector, was ordered in 2012 to clean and vacate his property unless he obtained occupancy and sewage permits from the township.


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