MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor: Zimmerman Riots Prediction ‘Defies History,’ Riots Result From ‘Economic Conditions’

This really irks me.  Today Drudge Report writes that the Sanford police are preparing for riot conditions if George Zimmerman is eventually acquitted.

MSNBC contributor, Goldie Taylor on the other hand, sets the record straight like only she can.


MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor was asked to weigh in on the Broward County Sheriff’s Department releasing a video instructing residents to refrain from violent demonstrations in the event that the jury does not find George Zimmerman guilty of murdering Tryavon Martin. Taylor found the implication that there will be riots offensive, but noted that it was unlikely for riots to erupt in this case because violent events like that arise primarily out of economic deprivation.

“I believe it’s perfectly reasonable for law enforcement to make all precaution they think are necessary in case there are very civil protests that happen, you know, on the back of this verdict or if there are other kinds of protests,” Taylor said.

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She added, however, that “on social networks” and “commentators across other network” are propagating the “idea that there will be violent rioting on the back of this verdict.” She noted that the idea that there will be riots “defies history” and is “irresponsible.”

“If you know anything – anything at all – about the anatomy of, the structure of riots, over historical underpinnings, it has a lot more to do than just about race,” Taylor added. “Largely, riots are the result of economic conditions and that there is a flashpoint.”

“They can neither be planned nor can they be led,” she declared.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:


  1. I guess Ms Taylor never heard of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles…
    She is apparently a bit light on American history, huh?


    1. Ted, in her defense, she’s saying that all the right-wing talk about riots after the verdict is in and if Zimmerman is acquitted – the reasons for rioting are mainly economic. It’s almost as if they (right-wing haters) want to see riots. Remember also, a juror called the rally (that resulted in Zimmerman’s arrest) a riot.

      If you really study the Rodney King case the ploice brutality in California at the time was rampant and racial animus had a lot to do with it. Racism=power over the “underdog” Blacks were poor and disenfranchised with no ECONOMIC OR POLITICAL POWER. Believe it or not Ted, and I RARELY disagree with you, Goldie Taylor is well informed and does not shoot from the hip or “the lip” without facts to back up her statements.


  2. With all due respect for the opinions of others, Ms kstreet, I still think my reference to the 1992 riot in Los Angeles is relevant to the current situation in Florida should George Zimmerman be acquitted.


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