Wednesday Blog Roundup 2-21-2013


Is it worse than option b? No idea. I have no idea what option b is.

Black history month

Video of that McCain Townhall
Here’s video of that McCain townhall where he got a taste of some pretty serious res

Tiger Woods: Obama Has ‘Amazing Touch’
Tiger Woods says President Obama is a pretty good golfer. They played as a team over

White House, Rubio spar on immigration
Sen. Marco Rubio’s office released a statement insisting that the plan the Florida Re..

WSJ Hides Rubio’s Obstructionist Past
The Wall Street Journal ignored key parts of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) Senat..

Simpson Bowles and the mythical, arbitrary “center”
Like a pair of aging crooners hoping to recapture past glory with a long-awaited reun..

GOP “makeover” hits a snag: Unwillingness to change
Over the weekend, Paul Ryan reiterated his party’s refusal to agree to any new ..

Video: Former Senator Scott Brown triggers bullpucky alert
Rachel Maddow mistakenly thinks a bullpucky alert is the result of an accidental but..

Conservatives Celebrate ‘National Marriage Week’ With Sexism
Last week, conservative groups held “ National Marriage Week ,” an attem..

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