Jon Stewart Answers Those Who Say ‘Now Is Not The Time To Talk About Gun Control’ (VIDEO)

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Sh...

Host Jon Stewart in the studio of The Daily Show in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Despite the fact that mass shootings are an almost weekly occurrence these days, our country is in shock. A young man, for some reason, felt that the answer to his problems with his mother was to murder more than 26 people. It’s far too common.

Regardless, the reaction of many, especially those on the right, is silence. ‘Now is not the time,’ they say. ‘It’s too soon.’ ‘It’s disrespectful to the dead.’ To that, I say, BULLS***! There is no better time to address the degeneration of our society. There is no better time to address the fact that it has become acceptable among a small segment of society to shoot their way out of problems. There is no better time to address the fact that guns are easier to obtain than credit cards. There is no better time to address the fact that gun owners need less licensing than the person who cuts your hair.

Earlier in the week, after the shootout in a Portland, OR mall, and after a football player shot his girlfriend, on the field, Jon Stewart addressed the people saying that it’s too soon. Unfortunately in our country, there never seems to be a time when the headlines are clear of senseless gun violence. When will it be appropriate? According to the media, as Stewart says, that time is:

  • Not right after a violent event;
  • Not by a sportscaster;
  • Not during a sporting event;
  • Not under circumstances when the killer could have used his hands.

In other words, it’s never appropriate, so we need to make it appropriate.—bob-costas—fox-news

It seems that even the President agrees. In today’s press conference, he alluded to the fact that Jon Stewart is right by saying, politics aside, it’s time to “take meaningful action.” Meaningful action can only happen after having a serious discussion.

We will mourn. Our collective hearts are emptier today. We’ll hold the children in our lives a little closer, but we’ll also talk and we’ll try to find ways to make our country a little safer.


  1. Interestingly enough, while it is too soon to talk about gun control, it’s not too soon to sell more guns. At least, I am not aware of gun shops closing even for an hour after Sandy Hook


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