Grover Norquist Makes ‘Tony Soprano-Like’ Threats to Republicans Who Dare to Break His Pledge

I was looking for this particular video to embed on TFC and found a pretty good  political You Tube© channel in the process.

Grover Norquist appears to be panicking a bit since several Senators have said they would not honor the Norquist Pledge which most of them signed upon entering office.


After defending his anti-tax pledge to Soledad O’Brien on CNN this morning, Grover Norquist turned to Fox News this afternoon to continue the damage control.

Pressed by Neil Cavuto to explain why Republican leadership seems to be indicating they are open to some tax increases to reach a deal to resolve the fiscal cliff, Norquist returned to his line that GOP legislators have a had some “impure thoughts” over the last few days but have not actually voted to raise taxes yet.

Over the course of the interview, Cavuto described Norquist as both a “unique, powerful Wizard of Oz figure who has been able to keep Republicans in lock step with your way of thinking” and as a “Tony Soprano-like” mob boss who will “remember these guys who turn on you.”

As he tends to do, Norquist adopted a modest posture, saying that the pledge is not about him but it is about the American people. But that did not stop him from issuing veiled threats to Republicans who have begun to turn away from him.

Norquist recalled President George H.W. Bush, who failed to secure a second term after breaking his “no new taxes” promise. He also chalked up Tennessee Senator Bob Corker’s election to his embrace of the pledge and questioned how Corker’s constituents will react if he breaks the pledge now.

As the country approaches the fiscal cliff deadline at the end of this year, it appears that a compromise can only be achieved if Republican leaders effectively cast off Grover Norquist and his anti-tax pledge. Whether they ultimately dismiss Norquist and his pledge or stick by it in an attempt to save their seats remains to be seen.

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  1. Gad, that voice! He is so annoying. For a non-elected official he should be tried, tarred and feathered, run out of Washington on rails.

    This ijit wants to kill 92% of Americans while preserving himself, corporate welfare and the very wealthy.

    Add to this he is a liar.


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