“Chris Christie will beat Obama next time”

Seen On Democratic Underground by DainBramaged:

“Uh, President Obama can’t run again so he isn’t going to be beaten by Christie” (me)

“Then Christie will win regardless.”

“How? Do you think the Democrats won’t run anyone for President in 2016?”

“He saved NJ, no one will beat him”

(Puts face in hand and wonders how people tasked with important jobs can be so ignorant) He hasn’t saved anything, NJ is a long way off from recovery, and people are pissed at how slaw it’s taking along the shore” .

“He’ll still win.”

(I start to smile) Do you know who Hillary Clinton is?

The terror that began to creep over her face was priceless.

You Liberals will all burn in hell and off she stomped.

This was the Fundie who stated recently her sole purpose on Earth is to make babies, but she can’t so instead of adopting a non-white baby she’s off and running with fertility treatments, so far unsuccessfully.

She came over when she saw my Michelle & the President desktop background today. She thought it was inappropriate and was madder than a witch who fell off her broom.

Couldn’t post earlier, ownership was in today to tell us that because of the power failure that caused us to close for four days, we were losing Christmas eve day and News Years Eve Day and had to work, even though they didn’t pay us for those days.

We’ll never get them back.

I hate fucking Republicans.