Thom Hartmann: Why it’s not crazy to think Anonymous stopped Karl Rove From Stealing the Election P2

This is the only political article that I’ll post today.   I believe it’s important to ponder the historical evidence of the contents of this video and draw your own conclusions.  I also believe it might be a good conversation piece around the dinner table today.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy learning the following information as much as I did…

Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove? (Part 1)


  1. There are so many Happy “accidents” to be Thankful for in the recent election cycle, especially the 47% video and, possibly, Anonymous. We all worked together to make it happen. My thanks to everyone!

    We “got ‘er done.”


    1. The collective “we” sure did Ted.

      I was really shocked to hear that all republicans elected to office after Eisenhower were elected by devious means. This video is informative.


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