Whatever it takes, get out and vote!

Whatever it takes, get out and vote!

Whatever it takes, get out and vote!

I’m glad I voted last week because the rain is relentless here in my little town in the suburbs of Atlanta.  I hope many of our TFC friends have done the same, but if not, whoever is your choice in this Presidential Election…please vote…


A week has passed since Hurricane Sandy struck, and the short subway ride uptown this morning almost seemed normal, except for the bigger crowds getting on at Penn Station and Times Square — commuters from outside Manhattan where wind and storm surge water damage were so much worse and all too often deadly. Overheard conversations were filled with stories of how people had coped.

I live in Greenwich Village and thought I was ready for the worst — hatches battened down with emergency food, water, batteries, flashlights, transistor radio, etc. I’ve stayed put through 9/11, blackouts, blizzards, even other hurricanes. Nonetheless, I wasn’t prepared for the electricity and heat leaving us for five nights. I thought for sure they would be back the next day. Or the next … or the next…

But we were stuck in that trendy new Manhattan neighborhood — SoPo, as in “South of Power” — and when a friend and colleague offered shelter, warmth and electricity on the upper West Side, the invitation was gratefully accepted. From that outpost (for the most part, life went on as usual once you got above 34th Street and Herald Square), we watched unfold the disaster and accompanying tragedies and acts of heroism and community.

We also watched people vote. Or try to vote, in Ohio and Florida, where lines were long and attempts to suppress the right to cast a ballot are ongoing. Or in flood-stricken New Jersey, where Gov. Chris Christie announced that people can vote via email as if they’re casting an absentee ballot from overseas — but still need to download the ballot, print, fill it out and fax or scan it back to the board of elections; a task not easy to accomplish even under the best of conditions.

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