1. I watched your show on this topic and have a personal story to add to this very critical debate.

    I am presently in the State of Michigan, originally resided in Californnia.
    I have been registered to vote since 2008 in Austin,Texas and I am a Democrate. I contacted the Registers Office in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was informed that I could not vote here because I am legally still registered Texas so, I contacted the Elections Office/Travis County and spoke with a staff member on 10/27/12 who walked me through the steps to vote by absentee ballot she provided me with the website and informed me to fax my ballot to the Travis County Elections Office before 10/30/12. She informed me that the Tax Offices are on one side of the building and the Elections Office is on the other, therefore if the fax was misdirected which occurs alot that the documents are typically walked over to the Elections Office to be scanned into the system and the registrations ballot processed.

    On 10/29/12 I followed this staffers instructions and download the form completed it and faxed it to the number 512-854-9056 at 1:17 p.m. the fax cover sheet read: From Rhonda Burns (3) pages, Re:November Ballot. I faxed it from Kalamazoo Regional Education Services Agency Michigan Works Employment Services (269) 383-2536 Fax: (269)383-3785.

    I spoke with staffer Matt on 10/29/12 at 1:30 p.m. and inquired if he had received and processed my ballot I was told to call the following day because ballots could not be verifed until the following day. I phoned as requested on 10/30/12 and was transfered to three separate people all providing a new excuse and finanally a request to refax the documents. I asked for a supervisor and finanly someone named Theresa began investigating my matter after 5 hours of investigation she returned my call to inform me that someone had stolen the documents from the fax machine and not handed them over to the Elections Office for scanning and processing.

    I asked Theresa where was the accountability for individuals that committ voter suppression by taking federal documents such as these and she informed me that there are no checks and balances within their system all she could do is apologize for the situation and insure me that she would not stop searching for my documents and to hold the persons responsible accountable for their actions. She “stated” that she would further speak with her supervisor about the matter to ensure nothing like this ever happens again in the near future.

    My vote has not been counted and this is all she is offering. My great-grandparents would role over in there graves if they were alive to witness such atroscities given that they were slaves prior to my birth and beaten for having a voice, opinion and for having a made up mind about what rights they were entitiled to receive.

    Are we now so desperate to give the vote and election to a liar like Romney who changes his views and stand every other day on the things that count that individual voter ballots are now being outright stolen from them?

    Rhonda Burns


    1. Rhonda, it appears that your comment was directed at Rachel Maddow, so I forwarded the permalink to this comment to The Rachel Maddow Show staff. I’m so sorry for the “run-around” you are enduring just to have the opportunity to vote in this election.

      I know it will be too late for this election, but I do hope some accountability for what blatantly seems like voter suppression is addressed.

      Someone in that office is responsible for removing that fax. An investigation into the matter should have ferreted out the culprit…IF they really wanted to do that.

      Again Rhonda, I’m sorry for your experience, but I suspect this will never happen to you again because you appear to me to be a fighter…carry on Rhonda…obviously the struggle continues…


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