Tuesday Blog Roundup 10-2-202

Birtherism is the rocket fuel launching Trump into presidential orbit.  | Reuters photo

Extremely Good Advice!

10 Things to Know for Today

A History Of Dishonest Fox Charts

Video: Scott Brown: Romney who?

Obama Ahead With Strong Support from Women

A Public Service Reminder: Simpson-Bowles Is Terrible

Video: Fraud scandal ends GOP registration drive early

Is Romney The Weakest Candidate In Modern History?

Greg Sargent: Paul Ryan: Cut taxes first, balance budget later

Aging Supreme Court justices may open seats for next president


  1. Perhaps an unfair remark, but if the Republicans lose any or all of the five states where they stopped their registration drives due to the voter fraud by the company hired to condfuct their drives, the Republicans have an excuse ready to go…

    “Just sayin’…”


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