Obama’s ‘Let Mitt beat Mitt’ strategy


Daily Kos

The Obama campaign responds to Mitt Romney whining about “inaccurate portrayals of my positions” with a video of Mitt Romney setting the record straight, in his own words.

Mitt Romney claims that he’ll use next Wednesday’s debate to challenge the credibility of attacks against his candidacy, but as this video shows, he is going to have trouble making that case. I guess Romney could complain that instead of regurgitating his campaign’s current talking points, the video includes clips from some guy accusing Mitt Romney of taking deeply unpopular positions. The problem is that the guy going after Mitt Romney … is Mitt Romney.

If Romney wants to whine about it during the debate, all President Obama has to do is tell people to go on YouTube and make up their own minds about who is telling the truth: Mitt Romney … or Mitt Romney. It’s the let “Let Mitt beat Mitt” strategy.


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