The Awesomeness Of Mother Nature

A Dragonfly Covered In Dew

Photo: Dragonfly covered in dew Image Credit : Martin Amm


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4 responses to “The Awesomeness Of Mother Nature

  1. Jim Higgins

    Hey K,
    Read you all the time and appreciate your work, thank you.
    What is not liked is photographs used without credit. Don’t know if photog was credited elswhere in post or not, but credit should accompany all photographs, period. Especially oustanding work as in the dew covered draggonfly.

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    • Jim, thanks for the heads up on the photos. I usually get them from Google images but from now on the images that I get from articles will be credited.

      However, in this case and in most cases in my articles, I usually credit the source. If you look above the picture and click the link, it will take you here:

      Blogging is a learning process and your advice will be taken. Thanks again Jim.

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  2. Jim Higgins

    K, Finding the credit was easy enough after all. My days as a press photog has instilled a sensitivity that I’m also learning does not always carry over to current media rules. Print media always included photo credit, often in the bottom right corner, which was often worth more to me than a freelance fee or hourly wage.
    Did’nt mean to jump ugly.
    Thanks again for all your work,

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    • No problem Jim. If you look throughout this blog you’ll see that I, too am a stickler for crediting the right sources for what I display here. :) Have a great day, Jim.

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