Swiftboat Author Jerome Corsi: Fox News Is ‘Packed With Leftist Commentators’

The paranoid rambling of a madman in the video below…


Remember when Jerome Corsi was a somewhat regular guest andtopic on Fox News? For a long time, the co-author of the Swiftboat book attacking John Kerry has gotten favorable treatment by the network – something he seems to have forgotten, because now he’s declaring war on the hand that used to feed him. In a recent Youtube rant, Corsi attacks Fox News for being “packed with leftist commentators,” an accusation he seems to base solely on the presence of host Bob Beckel (grudge much?).

On the occasion of Paul Ryan being named as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Corsi said, “Fox may now finally get behind Romney. Fox has been moving to the left. Maybe we’ll finally hear some less of Bob Beckel.”

He later issued a warning to Fox and the rest of the media to change their evil, liberal ways:

It’s an historic opportunity for the Tea Party to tell the establishment, Wall Street Journal included, New York Times, the whole bunch of them, you know they’d better face up to the reality, that the left – trying to please the left, by appearing to sympathize with the left… with Fox, packed with leftist commentators, is going to lose the fundamental audience of America.

How will Fox News take him on without compromising all the smears he’s helped them build? We’re gonna have fun finding out!