Key Figures in Salt Lake Olympic Bribery Scandal Now Backing Romney’s Presidential Campaign

Makes you wonder more and more about Mitt Romney’s integrity…


On the campaign trail, Republican candidate Mitt Romney often touts his stewardship of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Utah, which he took over following a massive bribery scandal.

In a series of new articles, longtime investigative reporter Wayne Barrett reveals Romney may have violated the new ethics rules he put in place.

Today, Romney continues to accept campaign contributions from many key figures tied to the bribery scandal. Barrett, a Newsweek/Daily Beast contributor and a fellow at The Nation Institute, joins us to discuss his findings.


  1. I stopped wondering about Mitt Romney’s integrity years ago. It’s sort of like why I stopped wondering about unicorns, Superman, and leprechauns. No point in wondering about what doesn’t exist.


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