Tuesday Blog Round Up – 7-17-2012

The Chronicles of Mitt: July 16, 2012 Senate Republicans Filibuster DISCLOSE Act Report: Obama needs better than 2004 black turnout 5 Questions for the Fact-Checkers on Romney and Bain Voter ID Laws Are the Last Gasp of a Fading GOP Strategy Democrats Mock GOP For Protecting Own Health Care In Repeal Vote Obama Hate Hits a […]

How Romney ‘retroactively retired’ from Bain: 4 takeaways

Mitt Romney’s predilection for secrecy may turn out to be a major problem for his campaign… The Week Team Romney tries to explain how he was technically the CEO of Bain Capital for much longer than previously stated, but its story only further muddies the waters Under attack from President Obama’s re-election campaign, Mitt Romney has been […]