Politico’s: Week in one liners: Mitt, Palin, Reid

Politico The top quotes in politics … “If I did, I would have to come after you with my ‘Men In Black’ flashlight and erase your memory.” — GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney on the consequences of revealing his veep pick. “The Commerce Committee, I’m telling you, is like being a mosquito in a nudist colony.”… More Politico’s: Week in one liners: Mitt, Palin, Reid

West Wing Week: 7-13-12 or “Lets Agree To Do What We Agree On”

The White House This week the President signed the MAP-21 Act to extend funding for transportation infrastructure projects and stopped student loan interest rates from doubling. He also urged Congress to cut taxes for the middle class while the White House announced the 2012 Save Award initiative and played host to a Google+ Hangout.