What A Day – Wrap-up

 Rep. Jean Smith Goes Nuts Thinking The Mandate Was Struck Down!

David Shuster, host of Take Action News, announces the Supreme Court decision


The ED Show – Issa’s witch hunt leads to a vote


Finally, the gist of today’s events:




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8 responses to “What A Day – Wrap-up

  1. Ted

    This should give the GOP bloviators ample ammunition to shoot themselves in both feet!

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  2. I am proud to say ;) that Jean Schmidt is my representative.

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    • OMG! Are you serious Frank? What’s she really like?

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      • People who know her say she is nice … and I don’t know her. Otherwise, I find her as worthless. She was my township trustee when I moved here, and she responsible (but not solely) for an inability to solve traffic issues. So I haven’t liked her for a long time.

        She is a local party favorite, so it was off for a quick trip to the State House … and then she took Rep Portman’s spot when he worked in the Bush admin.

        BTW – she has a TWIN sister

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  3. BTW – she has a TWIN sister

    Frank out of all the things you wrote about your congresswoman, the above quote is the scariest. TWO of those? Yikes!

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  4. Virginia Wynn

    Was she channeling Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally?

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