The GOP’s “Played-Out” Race Card

I have to say, Melissa Harris Perry is spot on with her piece in The Nation‘s “Sister Citizen” column. The Nation Conservative strategists have been toying with how to use race against President Obama in this year’s election. Since Obama’s May 9 announcement supporting same-sex marriage, some Republicans have been salivating about the delicious possibility of… More The GOP’s “Played-Out” Race Card

Bain Capital Explained By Tony Soprano (VIDEO)

This says it all… Huffington Post The national debate over private equity so far has hinged on the question of whether experience in the field qualifies Mitt Romney, the former Bain Capital executive, for the presidency. But a more vexing, and largely unanswered, question lies just beneath the surface: How is it, exactly, that an… More Bain Capital Explained By Tony Soprano (VIDEO)