Fox News’ Shep Smith: Obama now in the 21st century

Shepard Smith via screenshot

I agree with a Fox News commentator, OMG!

The Raw Story

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith reacted to the news that President Barack Obama had endorsed same sex marriage by coolly remarking that the President is “now in the 21st century.”

Smith later said Republicans who opposed same sex marriage were “on the wrong side of history” and compared same sex marriage to the civil rights movement.

“Of course, in reality, what really matters is what governors are saying,” he said.

“This makes no legal changes of any kind. This is a states issue, at least for now, which may sound familiar to a couple of generations ago, but that’s where we are.”

Southern segregationists had invoked “states rights” to defend discriminatory laws against federal intervention.

Watch video, courtesy of Politico, here…


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3 responses to “Fox News’ Shep Smith: Obama now in the 21st century

  1. That was very courageous of him (the Fox anchor). But I think we may see him in the unemployment line tomorrow morning.

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    • I don’t know “X”. Shep has been “out there” in the past with views that didn’t conform with the Fox News’ propaganda machine.

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  2. Smith, the lone human being in a pit of filth.

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