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Saturday Blog Round Up

Hello everyone.  Until I get my strength back from this bout with the flu, I can only submit “Blog Round Ups”.   Hopefully, this flu will dissipate in the near future.

Sheila aka Kstreet607

President Obama calls Georgetown student Fluke
First Read: President Obama offered Sandra Fluke words of encouragement amid a contro..

“I Don’t Know What Else I Can Do.”
Federal judge who circulated racist email about President Obama sends President a letter…

Morning in America?
How does Reagan’s 1984 compare to Obama’s 2012? A bit better than you might think . 

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Sandra Fluke: Claims She Wants Government To Pay..
Bill O’Reilly has joined Rush Limbaugh’s sexist assault on 30-year-old law student S..

Harris Poll crowns Rush Limbaugh America’s ‘least favorite’ political ..
King Blowhard I Congratulations are in order: By a wide margin, a new Harris Poll ha..

Greg Sargent: Pelosi rips Limbaugh over `slut’ comment, calls on House..
Congressional Democrats who have vowed to make the birth control controversy central..

Oceans acidifying at fastest pace ever
How will the anti-science, anti-environment, climate change deniers spin this? 

The Party Of Limbaugh, Ctd
The WaPo editorial board is now demanding that the GOP repudiate Rush. Money quote: ..

Video: Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand women’s birth control
Rachel Maddow pays close attention to Rush Limbaugh’s smears of Sandra Fluke and rea..

Reagan, Obama, Austerity
Big spending Reagan, austere Obama.



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