Rachel Maddow Blog: Clint Eastwood wins the Super Bowl

The Rachel Maddow Blog  says that Clint Eastwood won the Super Bowl!  The way people are talking about it (she has more than 90 comments on this title alone) she may be right.

It’s interesting that Clint Eastwood, a Republican who supported John McCain in 2008 and most recently, Herman Cain touts the regrowth of Detroit and the auto industry’s comeback.  I was under the impression that one of the biggest faux pas ever committed by a Republican is to tout any Obama successes.

Granted, Eastwood never mentions Obama in the commercial because it is really a centric commercial, however, most folks know that the GOP was adamantly against a bail out for the auto industry from the time The President proposed it.  So it only stands to reason that some GOPers will not be too happy with Eastwood’s Chrysler commercial.

In the following  Reganesque titled Super Bowl commercial: It’s Half-time in America,  Eastwood and Chrysler appear to have a hit Super Bowl commercial on their hands…




  1. The problem as I see it is that the Republicans have the unique ability of being able to rewrite history. They have done it from the interpretation of the constitution to slavery to race relations and anything and everything the President does. The question for me becomes how will they spin this and how many Americans will believe the narrative because ultimately that is what the WANT to believe.


    1. V. Lyn, the spin is:

      a) Eastwood is a latent liberal…

      b) Chrysler owed Obama a favor hence the commercial (although the commercial was not about politics but about the “comeback” of the USA!

      c) Obama used his “Chicago Style” politics and “muscle” to force Chrysler to make this ad.

      In other words, they cannot believe their hero, Eastwood, would actually do a commercial like that without coercion or bribery. Sad…


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