Occupied Washington

Mother Jones Grotesque income inequality is just a symptom of our larger political disease. A FEW WEEKS AFTER the Occupy Wall Street protests began, we found ourselves having a random conversation with a couple of San Franciscans at a store counter. What were these kids going on about? they asked. Time was tight, the inquiry a pleasantry, really. […]

9-year-old suspended for calling teacher ‘cute’

Someone please explain to me the justification for suspending this little kid.  I just can’t see it… The Raw Story A North Carolina fourth grader says he didn’t even know what sexual harassment meant until he was suspended for telling another student that his teacher was “cute.” Chiquita Lockett told WSOC that the principal of […]


This was expected and to me it’s unacceptable.  How is it in our Democracy, things like this are accepted as the norm? The Huffington Post Few races next year will carry as much symbolic importance as the campaign to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). His push to strip state workers of collective bargaining rights set off […]