Friday Morning Round Up

I’m kind of under the weather today (an incessant cough that won’t go away) so I’ve decided to collect all of my likely posts (and then some) here. Enjoy… Senate passes parts of Obama’s jobs bill “A+”: Fox Applauds Cain’s Defense Against Sexual Harass.. Panetta: Attacking Iran Only Briefly Delays Nuclear Program  Cain campaign releases […]

Cain’s Lawyer Warns Other Accusers To ‘Think Twice’ Before Coming Forward Or They’ll Be Smeared Too

It looks like birds creeps of a feather stick together in the case of Presidential hopeful Herman Cain and his bullying attorney, L. Lin Wood… Think Progress A story in today’s New York Times offers a disturbing look at the smear tactics and threats the Cain campaign is using to intimidate the four women accusing the candidate of […]

Michele Bachmann Walks Out On Town Hall Meeting Because Of Protesters

The Huffington Post Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was interrupted by Occupy Wall Street protesters while speaking on foreign policy during a stop in South Carolina on Thursday. Mount Pleasant Patch reports that Bachmann was in the middle of her remarks when the incident occurred. The conservative congresswoman was escorted off stage amid the disturbance, which was […]