VIDEO: Republicans Change Their Tune On The 99 Percent Movement

The GOP are such hypocrites! Think Progress ThinkProgress has already reported on the disdainful reaction the 99 Percent Movement initially received from the mainstream corporate media, as well as the notable double standardin the right-wing media’s coverage of the movement versus the Tea Parties. But as the protests have demonstrated their staying power, and polls have shown Americans support the movement, a […]

Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Perry, Rose, Bachmann

Politico  The week’s top quotes in politics … “… I don’t miss my shots in the fourth quarter.” — President Barack Obama onbasketball and 2012. “I’m not a halfway kind of guy.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on his decision to endorse Mitt Romney. “It’s been heaven. My staff can’t find me, nobody can reach me.” — Sen. Patrick Leahy telling […]

White House To Boehner On Jobs Plan: Did We Hit A Nerve?

TPMDC  The White House is holding fast to its claim that Republicans are running a do-nothing Congress, and, unlike President Obama, have yet to put forth a jobs bill — or at least a real one. Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) press office Thursday evening pointedly released a summary of a private phone call he and Obama had earlier that […]

In Case You Wondered If Republicans Are Still Crazy

Yes, they are… Oliver Willis Here’s Rush Limbaugh, sick as always. On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh launched another religion-based smear of President Obama: that he is sending troops to Africa to kill Christians. Limbaugh declared that “President Obama has deployed troops to another war, in Africa,” adding that the group being targeted, the Lord’s […]