Sarah Palin Tells President Obama To ‘Quit Picking On’ Gov. Rick Perry



Well I’ve finally figured it out.  The new normal for right-wingers is to be as bat-crap crazy as one can possibly be!

For the rest of us, we just shake our heads and think about how movie Idiocracy, predicted all of this!


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin jumped to the defense of current GOP frontrunner Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) over President Obama’s over-the-top “treason” rhetoric…wait, no, that wasn’t it. In an appearance on Fox’s America Live, Palin said of  the President’s reaction to Perry attacks that Obama should “quit picking on other people like Rick Perry, who is just going to continue to call it like he sees it.”

This is obviously the wrong place to play the victim card, but when you’re the tough-guy Texan candidate, is there ever a right one?

Just before Palin told the President to “quit picking on Perry,” of course, she told Megyn Kelly that it was “evidence of our president’s arrogance unfortunately, to tell a presidential candidate what to say, what not to say.”

This is the same Sarah Palin, by the way, who once famously accused the President of wanting to kill her baby.

A publicist for The Kettle declined to comment on Palin’s assertion.

The fact is, President Obama probably gave Perry the best advice he’s going to get this week, as Perry’s shooting from the lip has even drawn sharp criticism from some high-octane conservatives, Palin notwithstanding.  As a political reporter, and as a voter, I’m actually inclined to agree with Palin that people like Perry should not be more careful about what they say. These unvarnished declarations are far more revelatory than flack-approved boilerplate, and they make for great copy.

Where I disagree with Palin is that President Obama shouldn’t hit back (although she’s actually saying that Obama was the aggressor). I mean, what Democrat wouldn’t rather have seen President Obama respond by saying, “Well, if he doesn’t like it, can’t he always just secede?”

The conventional wisdom is that this kind of aggression turns independent voters off, but even if that’s true, who cares? That’s like saying that hockey fights turn off the knitting club that shows up to a game once a year. Get a helmet, or stay on the couch.

Here’s the clip, from Fox News’ America Live

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  1. Leave it to Simple Sarah to find any excuse, no matter how lame, to attack the president. I’m quite sure he’s laughing his head off at the latest example of her gratituitous stupidity. Actually, he’s probably content that Perry has enough rope to hang himself without anyone’s help.


  2. The response President Obama gave to Wolfe Blitzer regarding Governor Perry’s ill-advised statements were actually pretty gentle. Wolge Blitzer told President Obama about Governor Perry saying that the fed might be a traitor and Governor Perry basically also said that if the fed goes to Texas Governor Perry, and some outlaw posse, would beat the fed up. Give me a break! You can’t make this stuff up.

    Governor Perry also indicated that our soldiers might not have respect for the commander-in-chief – President Obama. It’s a very bad idea for anyone in authority, such as a governor, to say anything that could possibly get the troops to think about disrespecting the President.

    The President is the commander-in-chief and the President needs the respect of our soldiers, and for Governor Perry to come onto the national stage and immediately start saying things that could undermine our soldier’s respect for the office of the President is a very inappropriate thing for Governor Perry to do. It’s irresponsible, unwise, and dangerous. We don’t want the troops questioning, and wondering, whether or not they respect the commander-in-chief.

    Keep in mind that if Governor Perry is correct and the troops respect military presidents more then especially because Obama has never been in the military if may be harder for President Obama to maintain the soldier’s respect. Hence, Governor Perry should not be saying anything that could possibly soften the soldier’s respect for the commander-in-chief. Given this reality it does makes sense that Obama would scold Governor Perry for saying something that could possibly cause our soldiers to have less respect for the commander-in-chief.

    Remember that a lot of the troops come from Texas, and the south in general, so many of our troops respect and admire Governor Perry. This means that a lot of our soldiers care what Governor Perry says so it was very irresponsible for Rick Perry to say something that could possibly undermine the respect that soldiers have for the commander-in-chief.

    Our soldiers are no doubt very respectful of President Obama because he made the gutsy call to enter Pakistan and capture Osams Bin laden. However, Governor Perry may have caused a lot of the troops, especially southern troops, wondering if they really respect Obama. It’s not a good thing to have the troops wondering whether or not they should, and do, respect the commander-in-chief, especially in a time of war.

    I think that Governor’s Perry’s comments about the troops respecting President Obama were totally inappropriate and could actually cause the troops to question their respect for the President despite the troop-respect he earned by capturing Osama Bin Laden.

    In a nutshell, Governor’s Perry’s statements questioning the troop’s respect for President Obama were potentially harmful to our country but what else should we expect from a secessionist like Governor Perry who really wants to leave the country so he can’t care much about our country. Rick Perry’s statements about the troops not respecting the President were treacherour, er, I mean treasonous because those statements could hurt our country.

    Really, the title of your article should have said “Sessionist Rick Perry tries to get America’s troops to think about disrespecting President Obama because Rick Perry doesn’t like America.”


    1. Hi Russell Dee:

      I appreciate that you took the time to write such a thoughtful post. I’m not sure, however, that I agree with you when you say the soldiers will listen to Gov. Perry (because most of them are from the south…)

      I think the overwhelming receptions that the POTUS gets when he visits military bases around the country speaks volumes in terms of how our military feels about the POTUS in general. However, just as in civilian life, there will always be a percentage of people who hate Obama for various reasons. That group represents 25-30% of the military, just as it is in civilian populations. They will never vote for Obama anyway.

      Now I will agree with you that Gov. Perry’s comments were out of line. Even leaders in his own party were livid over the comment.

      Russell Dee, I’m not sure that Perry has that much clout yet, to say things that would potentially be harmful for the entire country. Perry suffers from “foot in the mouth” disease. He’s a religious zealot and he has advocated secession. Those three things do not give Perry power. In fact, if anything, they diminish Perry’s potential of ever becoming the POTUS.

      Thanks for stopping by Russell Dee. I hope we see more of your comments. I enjoyed this one.


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