The Republican Leadership

Jean-Phillipe, a regular commenter on this blog has a really great blog and this latest entry is hilarious and superb!

Upside of Inertia

Get people angry at Obama because they have better access to healthcare. FAILED

Get people angry at Obama because her American mother may have built a highly complex scheme to have a baby with an African man, give birth to the baby outside her country BUT pretend he was born inside and pull strings to get him elected President. FAILED

Get people angry at Obama because he refuses to throw old people into misery by destroying Medicare. UTTERLY FAILED

Get people angry at Obama by causing a downgrade in the US credit rating by spooking the market with insane requests and refusing to negociate with Democrats and then pretend it was all his fault. IN PROGRESS

Get people angry at Obama for being unfaithful to his wife by making Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Snooky, the Octomom, Sharon Osborne, Kelly Osborne, Jake Osborne, the Dixie Chicks, the two chicks from ABBA, the chick from the Mamas and the Papas that is still alive, Bristol Palin (these damn wine coolers!), Oprah and whole the women US soccer team testify that he as been cheating on his wife from day one as President and bring back the Bill Clinton impeachment playbook. NOT STARTED YET

Get people angry at Obama by somehow recreating the balloon boy hoax with his daughters. REJECTED

Get people angry at Obama by convincing him to launch a music album with someone’s else voice and expose the imposture in the middle of a concert. REJECTED

Get people angry at Obama by hacking his teleprompter to make him say he will replace Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Ted Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore by himself, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Tupac Shakur. REJECTED

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