Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Spitzer, Newt and Reid



The top quotes in politics this week:

“And there you have it. At 4:25 Eastern Standard Time, this story officially became sad.” — Comedian Jon Stewart, reacting to his friend Anthony Weiner’s press conference on Monday.

“I’ve been there.” — Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer talking about Anthony Weiner’s situation.

“Notice, nobody’s defended Anthony. Like Spitzer, he had no friends.” — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighing in.

“By the way, I no longer follow Congressman Weiner on Twitter at the request of my mother. She said it made her uncomfortable.”— Meghan McCain, writing on The Daily Beast about Weiner.

“Call somebody else.” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when asked if he had advice for Weiner.

“We make decisions as a couple.” — Newt Gingrich addressing the notion that his wife, Callista, is in control of his schedule.

“We still think we might get Lindsay Lohan.” – Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, joking about the fact that Miley Cyrus dissed him.

“I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere.” — Sarah Palin, defending her version of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride.

“I’d like to hire Hillary Clinton.” — Fox News’s Roger Ailes, expressing his interest in employing the secretary of state.

“I wouldn’t rule it out.” — Alec Baldwin’s spokesman, hinting that the actor just might run for mayor of New York in 2013.

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